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  1. So I live in Wisconsin and of course we just got TONS of snow. Obviously they use salt on the roads, which then gets on the side of my car. Anways I used my grey reissue today and it brushed up against my car!! I'm so mad at myself and now there is a slightly darker mark where the salt got on the front leather of my bag (it's lambskin):crybaby: It's not terribly noticeable but I know it's there and my question there anything I can do to get rid of it? I won't take pics because I really don't believe the mark will show up. I guess it just adds to the distressed looked but I really wish I could do something!! Any help is greatly appreciated:yes:
  2. Once its fully dried out the mark may well disappear completely. ? Aww I really hope it does for you :smile:
  3. I hope so too! This weather really sucks eh? Hopefully it will come off.[​IMG]
  4. that happened to my lv and i brought it into the store and they took it off within minutes.. why don't you try to bring it to the chanel store and see if there is anything they can do?
  5. Update: So I've been staring at my purse for the last half hour and now I just looked at it again once it had dried. Honestly the only way I can see it is if I look VERY close so I feel alittle better...I think I'll check out a Chanel maintenance thread to see if there is something I can put on it to prevent anything worse from happening!! But for now I think she'll be alright:angel:
  6. I am glad it s getting better- it should be completely gone hopefully