Dec 3, 2007
Hy everyone!

last saturday i was at a louis vuitton shop, and now i have to make a really hard decision...
since august i'm in love with the neo cabby in black, but i think the price is a little bit too high. and so i'm thinking that i'm going to buy a speedy. but now the big question what look and which size? i really like the mini lin or the damier ebene or azur.

Does someone has any experiences with one of these bags? and what size would you recommend? (if possible i want to take it to university with me sometimes)

Damier Ebene is super low maintenance, so I think the 30 would be perfect for a university student. But Mini Lin is also REALLY nice. Depends on if you want logos or not!

I'd wait and get the Azur in a 25 if I were you. It's a bit higher maintenance than the other two.
The price seems high for the black neo cabby, but I've found it to be worth every penny. If I had to choose among speedy's, I'd go for the damier because it's less likely to get dirty or water-stained and I'd go for the 30. It's a size that will come in handy when you're out of university and working full-time.
The Damier ebene 30 is a wonderful bag to start out with and it will stand up to the elements and look good with just about everything.

However, if you're really in love with the Neo Cabby, then save your pennies and go for it. That's a wonderful bag - holds tons and can be carried in a variety of ways.

Go back and spend some time holding and trying on the bags. Put your stuff in them. Walk around. Then decide.
if you want to take it to school + a bookbag then i'd get the damier speedy 25 because it will stay cleaner longer than the mono or azur speedy. if you plan on only carrying the speedy to class, then i'd go with the larger 30.
I'd probably choose the damier speedy over the denim cabby. I just prefer the canvas over the denim still. The cabby has a really pretty shape though!
hmm... i heard that the mini lin speedy gets dirty easily and also that you've to be really careful with it...
so, know i've to choose between mono 35 and a damier, although i still don't know if azur or ebene.
I feel that the Mini lin is more dressy than the other lines.
I would vote for a Damier or a Mono 30.
But the Damier is less maintenance if you are taking it to school.
Id say go for a speedy 30 - its just an all round good size.

As for which type: damier is probably the way to go because

Mono - vachetta can be high maintenance

Mini lin - the fabric can get dirty pretty easy

Hope that helps :biggrin: