1. I have been reading this post for the past 3 weeks and I found out that I needed :yes:either a classic flap jumbo size or 2.55 reissue 227 . My boyfriend wanted to buy it as a xmas present, but there is just one shop in my country (Spain) and it is like 400 kms far he went this morning to the shop (he was there for business). However, the SA here seemed to know less than I do...I explained to her on the phone, but I know the names and sizes in english (american) and she did not understand a single thing...So, hopefully you can help me as I got few questions :

    -I want the jumbo or 227, so do you know the measures in centimetres?Instead of ´´ I mean.
    - I would like it black, dark grey or dark brown...are they discontinous or are they normal colors, I mean normally available...(caviar leather)
    -If they do not have them in stock (shop) how long would it take to have them?

    They might be silly questions, but as I have explained above, she didn´t understand what was the jumbo size...she was talking about centimetres, and I got your references not in centimetres but in ´´ so I was a bit lost I just wanted to kill her...

    I hope you guys can tell me anything....xmas are so close... and I really want it (at least book it as soon as possible):drool:
  2. The measurements in cm's are approx:

    Jumbo: 30.5 x 20 x 7.5 cm

    227: 31 x 23 x 6 cm

    Hope this helps :smile:
  3. Jumbo size in centimetres: 30.5 cm (Length) x 20.3 cm (Height) x 7.5 cm (Width).

    Jumbo in caviar or lambskin leather has CC lock and gold or silver hardware. Mostly available caviar colors are black and white. Very hard to find jumbo in lambskin. Style number for caviar jumbo: A28600Y01588.

    Jumbo in distressed lambskin has MM lock and pewter hardware (i.e. old vintage look). Distressed lambskin comes in black and dark brown.

    If you want reissue 227, your color choice is either metallic black, or light silver or dark silver. These are recent releases. From reference library, reissue 227 in centimetres: 31 (L) x 23 (H) x 6 (W). Style number for reissue 227: A30227.

    If they do not have them in stock, only manager of the store knows how long they can get them.

    I hope this helps you find your perfect bag. Goodluck and Have a very Merry Christmas.
  4. Thanks a lot!!!Very helpful indeed!!!I will speak to the manager tomorrow...will tell you what they say...hopefully they are gonna understand the measurements!!!
    Thanx Katie123 and Beautylicious and merry xmas!
  5. Good luck and keep us posted. Hope you will have a wonderful Christmas with your new Chanel flap :flowers:
  6. centimetres=inchesx 2,54
  7. good luck getting your dream bag (and if your bf goes back in person have him take a photo in as well!) Feliz Navidad!
  8. nice to have a Chanel for Xmas!! Hope they have what you want, keep us posted.