1. How do you get your bags to be personalized? Is there an extra charge or fee of some sort? I am planning to get a speedy 30 in mono and i want it to be personalized, i checked online but couldn't find much about it. And i have seen some tpfs with personalized speedys, i think they look great. Please help and thanks in advance.
  2. I think that to have your speedy personalized you need to do it in store. Its not avail online for handbags, just for luggage etc.
  3. I don't know about the Speedys but I just purchased a wallet from elux. I called LV in Short Hills, NJ to have it personalized for my mom and they said I have to drop it off and it will take about a week and a half because their very busy right now and only one person in the store does it. Cost is free.
  4. you can take your speedy to the store after you bought it or just leave it there when you buy it and they'll personalize it for you.

    it depends on the store, if they do it right there or have to send it in to a bigger store..

    anyways, a month before christmas it might take a while...
  5. Free of charge everywhere?
  6. it's free up to 3 letters.. in any LV store!

    i don't know how much an additional letter would cost.
    but i think 3 are enough and most ppl have only 3 initials, besides if you heat stamp on a speedy, there's not much space to stamp on, than the parts the straps are on..

    you can choose between letter size, colour, with or without perios, etc... they have a catalogue full of examples. it's fun =)
  7. i didnt realize that LV personalizes speedys. or other handbags for that matter. i know they do luggage and small leather goods
  8. Take it into LV
  9. When I bough my lodge PM the SA offered to put my initials on it for free.
  10. LV can also paint your initials and/or two stipes on the canvas, however I think there is a fee for doing this.