1. Please help me choose one between these three
    neo cabby the smallest,or tivoli pm or marina pm
  2. wow, There all hot bags.. I vote for the marina pm, Isn't coming out tomorrow?
    I think the one with the red monogram(speedy) is :drool::drool:
    Let us know.
  3. wait I forgot to ask you, which one would you make more use for? there all very different..
  4. I have no idea which one I would use more ,I would buy the three if I could.I want a bag that I can use all the time,I forgot to add if it is the denim one it has to be a black cabby otherwise I prefer the marina or palermo
  5. I like the black cabby best. =o)-
  6. The cabby comes in blue and black demin. and there very practical
  7. All are great bags... but love one the most!

    My vote goes towards the Denim Cabby MM. [The Cabby only comes in MM and GM.]
  8. Get all three!!! Just kidding!

    I also agree on the Cabby.

  9. neo cabby
  10. neo caby in black I like the yellow alcantar lining...
  11. Neo Cabby.... I honestly don't like the Marina that much =\

    But try on all three to see which one looks the best on you =)
  12. Neo cabby in black....MM
  13. Neo cabby!!
  14. I really like the Marina in blue... it is sooo much nicer in real life... plus it is seasonal. Good luck and post pics of whatever you get!