1. ok ladies i am going to have to make a major decision here because,i am heading to the coach store this thursday carly brown sig,bleeker lrg flap in leather,or in sig brown?:shrugs:
    help can't decide.
  2. :tup:I vote Carly brown Sig!:tup:
  3. I'm a bit partial, but I vote for brown sig Carly!! Post pics of whatever you end up getting!!
  4. I vote for the Carly!!
  5. I vote for the Carly but only if you try it on first and make sure it looks alright on you. On some people (like me) i think it looks too big and bulky- but then on others it looks great! so be sure to try them on!
  6. carly... it's beautiful bag... but whatever you like will be great... they have some great stuff!
  7. My vote is for the Bleeker in leather. I find it's just so rich looking in all leather. But try them all on you'll figure it out. Good luck.
  8. I vote Carly, only because as nice as the Bleecker bags are, the strap is waaay too long for my liking. I returned a chocolate signature large flap for that reason.
  9. What strap length are you looking for? I have a med Carly in brown sig and love it. But now I want a bag with a longer strap so I am looking at getting the Bleeker Flap in leather. I love the Tattersall lining. Have you tried them both on?
  10. I vote for the Carly brown sig
  11. Carly, can't go wrong with a Carly.
  12. carly brown!!!!