1. I went to the new Louis Vuitton store in Jacksonville today & the store was amazing. It’s quite a big bigger than the one in Tampa which is where I go to buy. I walked around in twice looking at everything & I think I’m in shock that it’s really here. Everything in the second phase was really nice & stores I’m really glad to see. They had both colors of the mirage speedy & they are beautiful in real life. But my mother seemed to think they looked like cheap fakes & hated them. It shows how much she knows about Louis Vuitton!

    I’m already dieing to buy something!! My dad is changing jobs so I left him buying me something alone. I just got a job @ the community college I go to answering phones; which rarely ring. So I basically get paid about $125 a week do sit there & do my homework; which is the best job ever. My parents pay for everything so all my $ is for Louis Vuitton!! I really want a damier speedy 25 because it’s rains more than it doesn’t here in Florida so I rarely get to carry my purses. So I thought about selling my Trouville. I got it on 12/15/2005 used it for about a month afterwards & put it up then 2 weeks ago I got it back out for 3 days & I hate it. The only thing is I didn’t realize you shouldn’t store them in the box & it has a tiny crack on the handle & I locked the lock on one of the zippers & I don’t think I have the keys; you can still open the purse I just put the lock as decoration. Since it’s been it the box this long the leather is an really pretty even color. I still have the bag, box, tissue paper, and the receipt showing I bought it at the Lenox Square mall in Atlanta.​

    Should I sell it on eBay to fund a damier speedy? I really don’t like it & will probably never use it but I don’t want to sell it because it was my first & it’s one more I could say I have. But the more I think about it; it would be smart to have a Louis Vuitton I could use everyday literally rather than one I don’t like. How much do you think I could get for it?
  2. Awww why do you have to sell it? I just got my MC trouville & I live in Florida too. Where do you live in Florida? I love it & I think i'm the only one in town who has it --- so special. Keep it girl!

    But if you don't think you'll use it then sell it for the Damier Speedy.

    ps. My parents pay for most of my stuff too. I only have to pay for phone bill & my credit card.
  3. If you dont like it, then sell it for something you will - the only reason you would hang on to it is so you can say you have one?? Buy something you can use.
  4. I Just Went In My Mom's Room && Found The Keys.
  5. I live in Jacksonville. I kind of want to keep it just because but i've had it for almost 2 years & i never use it b/c i hate it. I walked in the louis vuitton store & was out in 10 mins. && i've never looked at them before it was a major impluse. & honestly there isn't a single thing about the bag I like.
  6. Oh then you should sell it. Is it the Mono or the MC Trouville? I want to sell my Azur Speedy but they don't have good resale value so I'm keeping it. I hadn't used it since 2 months.
  7. it's a mono. i think i'm going to put it on eBay tomorrow for $500 & if i sell it i'll get the damier speedy & if i don't sell it i'll keep it. that way i won't feel bad if i get rid of it & can't get another one.
  8. if you don't love it, sell it for the damier speedy!
  9. more florida LV people!!! I wanna visit the new jacksonville store...however i dont travel to that area often... i live in st.pete/tampa area... anyway back to the sounds like u dont really want the trouville...if you're not going to use it...why keep it ya know?...1st bag or not u shouldnt be 'stuck' with something you aren't happy with it...i say part with it and get what ya want girlie!
  10. I would say SELL SELL SELL to fund for your next bag:yes:
  11. If you don't love it, sell it for something you will love!!!!
  12. If you can't even find ONE thing you like about the bag, then sell it. It serves no purpose to you. Instead, get something you really like and will be excited about having.
  13. :wtf::wtf::wtf:WOW!!! LOL your long! LOL :push::push::push:i think mine's half...kekekekekeke
  14. If it's any help, I don't think you will ever like it more in the future than you do now. I've never gone back to a bag I didn't enjoy using the first time around!
  15. If you don't like it now, you probably won't like it later. Just sell it to get a bag you really love.