1. i am in a delimma i cant decide which bleeker lrg flap to buy the sig or the leather?:sad:
  2. I love the leather bags-especially the bottle green and the wine. The are both striking colors and I think they go with quite a lot!:yes:
  3. ty i have seen them both in person and just could not decide.:confused1: wish i could just get both lol:lol:
  4. ty i have seen both of these bags in person and still can't decide lol
  5. I have one in signature and had one in leather but returned it. I like this particular bag in signature better. Just my opinion! Mine is brown siggie.
  6. Oh yes! I'd go for one in brown siggie!!!!!!
  7. sig is my pick because it's a bit of both! in brown too!
  8. the brown leather! i've been wanting it! grrrr.....
    it's such a great everyday bag!
    fell in love with it more when i saw it while watching the show "Gossip Girl" (hehe) and i actually saw it worn!

    get it!!!! :biggrin:
  9. I just recently got one in the black sig. But believe me, I was having a hard time deciding between the black sig and the brown sig. The only reason I got the black was because I can wear it with both black and brown clothes. After having said that, I was in the Coach boutique on Friday and saw it in is to die for. I may end up getting the green one too. That's how much I like this style. Good's a tough decision. :shrugs:

  10. I love Gossip Girl too! However I missed the bag on there. Who wore it and which scene??? :upsidedown:
  11. I love it in leather. I'm pretty sure I'm getting it in wine. The leather is so delicious, lol. BUT I did see a lady at work today with the black/khaki sig and it looked really good on her....ha, sorry, I'm no help. :lol:
  12. I love it in the wine too! Or the ink. I like the brown sig but I already have that in the Carly and want a leather bag next.

  13. haha...sorry! your reply was so long ago!
    Serena wore it! check out one of the beginning episodes! the one where both nate and dan were waiting for her at the hotel (serena went to blair's house to watch breakfast at tiffany's but b was angry at s!) ok...i obviously love this show. lolz

    she was wearing denim shorts with it! :biggrin: i love this bag! and i finally bought it in saddle! :biggrin:
  14. I just bought the bottle green leather at the outlet for $233. I absolutely love this bag- it is gorgeous! I do like the signature as well.
  15. Sig!