help!! =(

  1. i'm looking for a gray bag (preferrably a gray balenciaga city, but i can't seem to find one anywhere! :crybaby:) now, i'm just looking for any bag that comes in gray...i'm open to any brand...

    any suggestions?

  2. Rebecca Minkoff has an MA in gray. I think there was a picture of a celeb with it on the forum.
  3. How much are you looking to spend?? Hayden-Harnett has some fantastic bags like the:

    1. Mercer Satchel in Elephant Grey


    2. Hayden-Harnett Sonia Tote in Grey

    Good Luck!!
    1186607279831387225.jpg 1185983434663957729.jpg
  4. thanks guys!!

    i'm not looking to spend TOO much (nothing crazy like $5k), but i'm pretty open at this point....

    if it's the 'one', then i'm willing to pay whatever! :tender:
  5. JAS MB at Net - a - Porter has a really cute grey bag. I have it; I love it.
  6. I like these:
    [​IMG] $625, with 25% off at active endeavors with "apologies"
    or this:
    [​IMG]$625 with 20% off with grechen at jcmadison

    I have both bags (not these colors though) and they're AMAZING!!