1. Hi- My Mum has given me a Mulberry purse to sell for her, she picked it up at the outlet a while back. I dont know anything about Mulberry and the purse is no longer on the website. The tag with it says
    Long padlock wallet darwin colour Antique blonde- it has go the postman's lock on the front!

    Can anyone tell me anything about it? What price it may have been?

    I cant load any pictures up until my batteries charge up!
  2. Did you try searching for completed auctions on eBay? That may be a good place to start. Try searching off of Mulberry long purse as a start.

    Good luck.
  3. Try calling a Mulberry store or outlet,and describe it to them over the phone, I bet they will know straight away which one it is!!! Good luck!!!
  4. it should do quite well , they are very popular .
  5. I believe it was £250.00 new, its a lovely wallet - good luck:tup: