Help !!!

  1. Hi Everyone...I thought I should come here to ask...I am looking for a black epi Alma with gold hardware or something similar but with gold you know where can I find it. I call LV and apparently they are discontinnued since the epi's use silver hardware now...I really don't like the silver...I'll prefer gold...I also looked on eBay but couldn't find anything...any idea where else can I look?

    Thanks :smile:
  2. You could always email let-trade to ask him if he would be able to find you anything, he's quite good with that ! :yes:
  3. Keep checking eBay. I have it in mind to buy an epi Jasmin on eBay because I want one with the gold hardware ... and there are a few right now, but nothing in near perfect condition, so I'm prepared to wait for the right one to turn up.

    Easiest thing to do is search "LV epi Alma" (or any other styles you're interested in), and then save the search. They email once every 24 hours when new items are listed.