1. Hi -

    I'm a newbie. Is there a forum, thread, tutorial or instruction on how to use this? Sorry comp. literate here!
  2. Welcome!

    Seems like you already got it mostly figured out! :wlae:

    Some instructional threads are posted here.
  3. so i guess there isnt? - well that was easy. thanks vlad
  4. is there something specific you want to know?
  5. Well I was a little confused on some of the forums. For example in the Balenciaga Forum - it has all this things, club house, library, etc. so I was lost did not know where to go or what to do. Sorry - I notice that the LV 2 and I love LV but it seemed to difficult to search or look at stuff there
  6. a club is a place for people to post about their bags.
    For example in the LV Forum, people w/ a Batignolles Horizontal can post photos and chat about their Batignolles Horizontal bags.
    The Library is a reference area only. If you were wondering what a specific bag looked like or the price, you could search there first.
    A lot of them have a thread at the top of each forum describing it.
  7. oooooo - thank you ms swanky