1. I just sold off my Lamore BV for a lovely Foresta Nuvola, and I'm having serious buyers remorse....The BV was a gift from my boyfriend, as was my Trasporto Campeggio, but I couldn't use both, and my Ciao Ciao is my everyday bag, so he was like, "Just sell it for a style you'll use then, i don't mind."

    Then why do I feel so awful? ;~;? The Nuvola is my perfect print placement too...

    I figured, I have a strappy bag for school (Campeggio), I have a long bag that can hold alot of stuff for everyday (Ciao Ciao), but now I need a backpack. The BV is lovely, but it's hard to get in and out of, and it isn't deep enough to use for school. Plus I was never crazy about it, even when I first got it.

    Should I cancel the trade or wait until the Nuvola comes to make my decision? It's really my perfect print AND I got it for under retail...


    (Note: I figured if I get the bag and still hate it, I can sell it on eBay and get an Amore BV again...)
  2. I would just see what you think when you get the nuvola. if you are going ot use the nuvola more then I wouldn't worry about it. I think you can still find amore BV out there, if you really need to get it back... :p
  3. Well, I think you made a great trade because I love the foresta print!!
  4. If you already agreed to trade with someone, my advice is to stand by your word. It also sounds like you have several reasons why you want the bag you traded for as well as reasons you would rather have it over the bag you have now... so I see no reason to back out.
  5. Are you really just regretting it because it was a gift? i can totally understand that, but your boyfriend does seem to understand that you aren't using it and isn't really upset, and if the Nuvola is your perfect placement, then it's fine. That's what I think at least. No point in keeping a bag you won't use because you feel guilty getting rid of it. :yes:
  6. i dont know, to me if i get a gift from somebody i will always keep it and be thankful for it. i dont like to sell or give things away that somebody else bought for me. but thats just my mindset... but if you talked to your bf about it and he doesnt feel bad then i guess its ok o.o;
  7. You're keeping and using a bag that your BF already gave you, and he seems to be cool with you trading the BV, so I say stick with the trade for now. You can definitely find an Amore BV on Shoptokidoki or eBay and I think they will also be available at the Hawaii outlets soon.
  8. I totally agree with lambfashionista - if you agreed to a trade, you should go through with it. If it's been sitting in your closet it should go to a good home where someone will use it and give it lots of love
  9. I've had three trades almost go through to suddenly have the person tell me no, but that won't be the only thing that makes me decide to let a bag go or not.

    I've decided though, after talking to my boyfriend and really considering it, that I'll go through with the trade, and if I still feel awful, I'll sell it and then get a replacement Amore BV, but he lovingly reminded me that he initially wanted to get me a Foresta bag but couldn't find one at the time that wasn't ridiculously overpriced.

    I'm so lucky I found one for under retail!! :biggrin:
  10. IDK, for me...if anyone gives me a gift, especially really important people...I can't sell/trade/give it away, just because that's how I operate I guess lolz. But, if he's OK with it, like really OK and not just saying that..then I say go ahead, plus as lambfashionista already agreed to trade with the other person.
  11. I say do what you feel is best for you and what you can live with. I can't stand regret! All we can do is give you advice and ultimately in the end it all comes down to what makes you happy and what you can live or live without!

    GOOD LUCK on your decision!!!:tup: