1. Hey everyone! I need some serious help. It's getting cold in NYC and I don't have a coat or boots yet! I'm just looking for a simple, wool black coat in a size zero and flat boots (pointy toe prefered, but I like flat flats for regular days).

    Help me find them! It's so frustrating to scourage through stores of coats and coats only to find that they don't have them in your size.

    And I'm a size 7.5 (38.5), but I cannot find cute shoes anywhere!

    Your challenge: Can I possibly get new shoes and a coat for less that $500?

  2. I'm looking at boots too. I was considering those frye ones. I found some at Barneys I like a little better since they were tailored enought I could wear them with my work clothing. It they don't work out I'm ordering the Fryes.
  3. Coats are usually something that you can jump up a size or two also and no one's the wiser. That way you can fit loftier sweaters into them.