1. I wonder if anyone can help me with my decision!. I have the classic Flap bag in black caviar leather with silver h/w, but what next? I can't decide between the jumbo flap in black caviar with gold h/w ( too like my other one?) Or the medium flap in beige caviar with gold hardware- What would you do?
  2. I would get the beige, because IMO you should get something different. Having two black caviar flaps with only different colored hardware might be too much.

    Have you considered the metallic reissue flaps?
  3. Yes , but really difficult to get hold of here in England. Thanks for your help:smile:
  4. oooh the beige with gold would be gorgeous imo, or wait until early next year, and get one of the new colour reissues that are going out (wait lists should be opening soon) here in the UK, and that way you have your gorgeous black and a colourful one too :smile:
  5. I'm in agreement re going for the beige or something other than black. It easy to get into the groove of buying black bags.
  6. I have to say beige too, but if the beige is too hard to get, then wait for other colors to become available to you in your area.