1. These will have the beige canvas lining. I have the Bronze, which came out just before the cashew and this black. My SA said that all the fall bags will have this lining. Although it's not as nice as the suede, it's pretty nice as far as canvas goes (it's "neater" than Chloe's linings).
  2. And P.S. - Good choice! The black Stam is my all-time favorite bag! Especially the new ones (I prefer the new over the old ones).
  3. Cat: Congrats. =) Agree with Daisy that Black is a great choice for Stam too. =)
  4. Fabric lining - I think the black is fabulous!
  5. Congrats. I got a black one just before they switched from the suede lining and I adore her - she works with so many outfits. Of course I am so tempted to get one in a lighter colour too!