1. So I finally have enough saved up for some bags and i'm debating between the regular mono Pochette and the Mini Pochette Accessoires. Is there really a big size difference between the two? I'm going to be getting the damier koala wallet (anyone know when elux will carry it again?) and the pap 30 off of eBay :yahoo: BUT...back to my original question...I want a small going out bag, and think the pochette is ADORABLE!

  2. the mini pochette is smaller than the regular one. they are both cute but it depends on what you want to carry in it!
  3. The mini pochette is really small. It almost looks kind of weird as a going-out bag. It fits a lot of things but I use it as a makeup bag inside a bag. Once in a pinch I did use it as a clutch but it felt weird to me.
  4. Best bet would be the regular pochette?
  5. Yeah the normal pochette would be the best, then it can double up as a casual bag aswell as formal :3
  6. I would go with the regular pochette. The mini is very tiny.
  7. The pochette accessoires.....
  8. reg pochette
  9. Elux to the rescue.. God I love this site.

    Pochette Accessoires $285.00

    Seen in the hands of fashion insiders everywhere, Louis Vuitton's accessories pouch is simply the most elegant way to organize your makeup and everyday essentials. With a zip top, leather wrist strap, and beautiful finish.

    * Monogram canvas with textile lining
    * Zipper closure
    * Removable natural leather strap with a 5" drop
    * Links to the D-ring found in many Louis Vuitton pieces
    * 8" L x 5" H


    Mini Pochette:
    Mini Pochette Accessoires $225.00

    Fashion insiders everywhere have something new to covet: a mini version of Louis Vuitton's famed Pochette Accessoires. Smaller than its ever-popular sister and with a polished gold metal chain, the mini is the new must-have luxury item.

    * Monogram canvas with natural cowhide trim
    * Zipper closure
    * Polished golden chain link strap with D-ring (attaches to most Louis Vuitton bags)
    * Canvas lining
    * 5.5" L x 3.7" H


    And the pics next to eachother for size comparison.. I think the Mini is quite a bit smaller, and would be too small to be very useful maybe?

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  10. I think the mini pochette is a bit too small. I'd go for the regular pochette.
  11. regular pochette gets my vote.
  12. if you are looking for something as a wallet, then go for the mini one; otherwise, go for the regular size.
  13. Regular pochette. You could get the gold chain that comes with the Mono buckets and use it instead of the leather strap to dress it up. Or, you could get a fancy gold chain at department stores, like what a PFer did before :yes:
  14. I have the large bucket and the gold chain does not come out of the bag.

    I vote reg. pochette. It's just more versatile. I actually use a 14k gold bracelet to make the leather strap longer and dressier.
  15. I have both and get much more use out of my pouchette accessories. I use it inside my bigger bags, but also as a bag itself when I don't need to carry much. The mini mostly stays inside my bags, it's too small for me to use alone.