1. I need to choose a Chanel under $800. I dont carry much but it needs to carry somethings. Please post pics and the prices!! Thanks!!!

  2. Errr. Honestly, there is no Chanel bag under $800. The closest thing is either a denim cabas (if you can find it) or a Chanel Timeless Clutch which is $995. Other than that, everything is mostly well over a grand.

    Not trying to be a snob, but Chanel price increases are really making Chanel hard to afford.
  3. how much does the cc cambon pouchette cost?
  4. ^I'm really not sure. Check the reference library for prices.

    I know the cotton club pochette is a little over 1K.
  5. Forgot to mention, some of those prices in the reference library are outdated. There were major price increases recently.
  6. wow missisa have you slept at all? LOL
  7. poor girl LOOOVVEES chanel! :tender:
  8. Yup I did. I'm actualy nocturnal now. LOL. I slept from 7 AM-1 PM.

    Gosh and I start school next Monday this is sooo not normal!!!