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    can anyone tell me which B bag this is? the purple one? thanks :smile: (the big one) and where I could purchase one from? :smile:
  2. Its from the 04' lilac collection. Name wise I have no idea. Sorry
  3. looks like a Lilac weekender.
  4. looks like the lilac work
  5. I think it's the 04 lilac voyage / weekender. It looks too deep to be the work. But maybe she's just smaller than I thought she was...
  6. voyage / weekender .... too big to be work :smile:
  7. Lilac 04 Weekender I think.
  8. thanks for replying! I'm searching online for that bag.. but can't find anywhere that stocks it :sad:
  9. No, you won't. Its from 2004 - the colour's been discontinued. It was pretty popular, so used ones are hard to come by. Best bet is to watch ebay, and post links to possibles so the folks here can make sure its authentic for you.

    Or you could get the 2006 lilac - there are probably some left. Its a bit greyer than the 04, but easier to get.
  10. pretty sure its the 04 lilac weekender.