1. i ordered the moofia shirt from JapanLa on saturday.. and i got and email saying it was sent on the 30th... thier website says they usually ship within 2 or 3 days and i still havent recieved it and the mailman already came for today.. i havent been able to catch him though.. o yea n i tried to track my package on the usps site but they say that there is no package that matches my code... i was just asking that those of u who have ordered from japanla.. should i be worried??? i want my poor shirt... :confused1:just was wondering... thanks for reading
  2. -edit-

    So the 30th was Monday...she probably printed out the label that day. Then it was probably mailed on Tuesday, so you can't count that in transit time. So that would make Wednesday day one...thursday day two...and friday day should have came today, but maybe it will come tomorrow? I'd start to worry after Monday.

    JapanLA is usually good with things so I'm sure nothing went wrong on their part, it could just be slow mail.
  3. oo ok thanks!!! n if im not here to pick up the package will they just take it to the post office??? or leave it here cuz im planing on going out of asking these questions because whenever i order something its usually through ups... thanks again
  4. In my experience, sometimes they have left it in the mailbox if it was small enough to fit in there..and other times there was delivery confirmation on the box, so I'm not sure about your situation.

    For me, I'd rather have USPS..idk but it's much faster than UPS. Well, maybe to Hawaii anyway..UPS takes like 7+ working days while USPS takes like 2-3 Priority.
  5. ok thanks again
  6. JapanLA do insure their packages, but if it's less than $50 the USPS should leave it and not require a signature. The USPS usually updates their website only at night for tracking. The USPS tracking system is terrible. You'd think for how much postage has gone up, they could provide better tracking.

    I agree with Jess. Give it until Monday and hopefully it will arrive. I've had priority mail packages take over a week sometimes even though they're supposed to be 2-3 day. USPS efficiency at its best...Ha
  7. ^LOL, I still say USPS is better than UPS hahahahahha.
  8. I guess it just depends who you have for a driver. Our UPS man is awesome. And living the middle part of the country, most of the time stuff arrives in 2-3 days like USPS. Our USPS driver is just so terrible and unreliable, I opt for UPS whenever I can, but I can see how 7+ day delivery times to HI would make you prefer USPS.
  9. Ahh yeah, just for us maybe then hahhaah. I have some bad postmen too, trust me hahaha....I had one who delivered mail close to 5PM lmfao...and another one who had my paycheck and there was roadwork so he turned around and didnt come down my street so i tracked him down for my check (i'm always broke) then he said he wouldnt give it to me cuz it was on the bottom of the stack now!!! and he was on his freakin PHONE just chillin in his lil car thing! GRRR.

    FedEx or that other thing..i forget, but theyre the worst. DHL? Something...I had a check delivered to me express and it came the next day..but those (*&*)&^'s flung it in the BUSHES!!!! It RAINED on it and my landlord found it the next day while she was watering hte grass!!!!
  10. That's hilarious:roflmfao:, although I am sure it was not at the time:nogood: when you were waiting for the check. Was the check still cashable or too water logged?
  11. ^lmfao, it was in a good package...only the outside of the package was damaged lolz...and omg noooo it was not funny at the time, but now i guess it is a bit haha.
  12. I'm with you Jessaka, I like USPS vs. UPS. UPS is so bad in Los Angeles if you live in an secured apartment complex. If your manager is not there, they just leave a note and do not try another time. I have resorted to delivering to my office at work :yes:
  13. I, too, prefer USPS to UPS.. or FedEx. I recently had two packages come UPS & both times, the estimated delivery date changed on the tracking site, which was weird. USPS usually seems a lot faster to get to me, and my packages delivered by UPS and FedEx always are completely f:cursing:d up. Holes, dirt, etc. Luckily, nothing inside has ever been far.
  14. i agree with lucky mango and jessaka ... ups sucks!!! ups keep losing my package! their tracking thing say that they leave the package by the "side door", problem is there's no side door here!!! and also, the two times that they left it at the side door i was actually home ALL DAY and they didn't ring the bell or knock at all...
    usps is a bit better although im still mad coz they lost a package with juicy inside =(
  15. still not here :sad: