1. My dog, Buddy, has brown substance in his ear. LOTS OF IT! It itches and he is constantly scratching his ear. I took him to the vet and they washed out his ears and gave me this medicine. 3 drops in each ear everyday. When i try to put the medicine in his ear, he goes CRAZY and tries to bite me and fights back violently and when i hold him down(he squrims a lot), he pees everywhere! what should i do? i can keep going to the vet for this but its $120 at least. any advice would be great. Thanks in advance!!:heart:
  2. Wow that sucks! Call your vet, you shouldn't have to pay for a phone call. Otherwise, if you find your vet to be unhelpful, do switch vets....
  3. My dog also hates to have her ears cleaned. Will he let you rub his ears, as if you were stratching them or praising him? That is how I approach it with my dog. I start by just rubbing her ears in a normal fashion and then I move slowly with the medicine. She does thrash around a little, but this has helped calm her down. How big is Buddy? I ask because it helps to position yourself so that your arm is around them, kind of like a cuddly bear hug. This way they can't squirm as much. If he is trying to bite you though I would proceed with caution. My dog only moves around and fights me, she never gets mean. Don't hestiate to call your Vet though, they should have some other suggestions. Good luck and keep us posted on how it is going.
  4. My dog Greta does the same thing, only at the vets. I would call them to see if they could suggest the most efficient way to do this. Good luck!
  5. You might want to look into getting a soft muzzle for this. My dog panics when he gets his nails clipped at the vet, but if we put the soft muzzle on, he calms down and allows us to do what we have to do.

    After I'm done, I take the muzzle off, praise him and give him a treat.
  6. A dog I had a long time ago had chronic ear infections and she was traumatized by us trying to clean her ears. So, every few months or so, the vet would do a professional cleaning. She lived to be 15 years old, but her poor ears always gave her trouble.

    Good luck to you and your doggie.
  7. maybe you could try doing it in his sleep.
  8. I second trying a muzzle. It doesn't hurt the dog and keeps you from a bite. Does the dog have ear mites or just chronic dirty ears? When you give him the ear meds try to be as calm as possible. Just put the muzzle on, give him the meds and take the muzzle off. Dogs and cats can sense when you are stressed and it makes them stressed. Very calm and matter of fact is the way to go.
  9. Did the vet explain the ear problem?

    It was probably yeast. Yeast infections in a dog's ear is pretty preventable, and you can start with the diet. My dog would get it in her ears and we switched to a yeast-free food (that actually wasn't why we switched, but it had a pleasant side effect) and she hasn't had them since. A *lot* of dog foods and treats contain yeast. For many dogs this isn't a problem, but for others it can cause them to be very itchy and get yeast infections in their ears. One of the first things to examine when your dog has a health issue is their diet.

    My vet never explained that it was preventable, just gave us the (very expensive) medication. We feed our dogs yeast free food (AND TREATS!) and haven't dealt with it since.

    As for medicating your dog, I second those that said to get a muzzle. See if you can get someone to help hold your dog, and wear long sleeves/pants so you don't get scratched. Be very calm and talk soothingly to the dog, and try not to get stressed (they'll pick up on it). Get your dog used to you handling his ears, gently rubbing them and lifting them so it's not a big deal. If every time you touch his ears you are doing something he considers unpleasant (and evil and cruel, haha) then he won't want his ears handled. You could try putting the medicine on a cotton ball, too, which might help. Make sure he gets a treat when you're finished. Good luck!

    A little watered down apple cider vinegar can also be applied to a dog's ears (with a cotton ball, not dumped in!) to help control yeast.
  10. It's called ear mites. Both dogs and cats can get them. My orange tabby cat had them..they flushed them out with something and put him on medicine. He's alot better now.