1. Hi everyone! I recently bought a new addition to my purse collection-it's a Isabella Fiore Peace Out hobo bag. I absolutely love it but I've had a minor problem with the top middle part sinking in when I carry it. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get it to not do that? I've tried putting things in the inside pockets to fluff it out but no luck. Thanks! :smile:
  2. I don't think that the "sinking in" of your hobo is a problem related just to IF, as I have a few hobo bags, and because they are all so wonderfully slouchy, they have a tendency to do that. It might be a problem if you are not used to the hobo-type bag, but more of a satchel or tote kind of gal. I know, because I've tried to re-arrange all the contents of my bag to combat the same problem you are having, but I think it is just an inherent feature of the bag.
  3. Yep I'm definitely a tote kind of gal; I figured it was probably just the way all hobo bags are made to kind of cave in like that. I too, have re-arranged my stuff several times but I guess theres no beating it! Anyone else know any tricks to this problem?
  4. All hobos tend to sking in the middle. I don't think there is a solution to it. Maybe just stuffing it to the top ;)

    However thanks for the idea, I'll try to find some info on keeping bags in shape and maybe put together a little guide or something.