1. Attached is a picture of my new "happy couple" - Positano Large Tote and matching pumps, Aren't they HOT?!!!!! dam%^&&n! ever since I bought these shoes I spent moths looking for the Large Positano matching bag until I found it a couple of weeks ago. Although the bag it's too big for me (I'm only 5'1") I just love it! I love huge bags! besides the positano is a hot bag. I receive many compliments every time I wear it.

    Besides the positano bag, my other dream bag is the LV Khaki (green) Graffiti Speedy. I'm not an LV girl but I just need that bag! the only problem I see is that I'm not used to handheld bags and the speedy is a handheld bag.

    I have the opportunity to acquire the Khaki Graffiti from a friend but I don't have enough funds now so I might have to get rid of the positano to buy it.

    Please help me decide which one to choose.

    Option 1: Hot Gucci Positano Large + Matching shoes
    The Good: Huge bag, I can stuff whatever I want inside. Can be carried on shoulders.
    The Bad: It's bigger than me!

    Option 2:LV Khaki Graffiti
    The Good: Hot bag. Discontinued. Very Rare. Collectible.
    The Bag: Handheld


    Note: Picture of Khaki Graffiti courtesy of Thehuangfamily authentic LV reseller on eBay.​
    Guccipositano.JPG graffiti.jpg
  2. Wrong place to ask... Definitely the postiano set. I know I may get shot for saying this but I find the Gucci set to be way more femaline and sexy than the LV. The postiano is a SEXY and very practical bag. I don't like the speedy (I know heaps of people do and it is a classic) but I don't like how it doesn't keep its shape when there is a lot of stuff in it.

  3. I know! but I can't double post. I would to post same question in the LV forum.
  4. I like the gucci combo... soo hot!
  5. Positano and shoes are so sophisticated and classy and yes, very feminine. The LV is just funky and weird ,in my opinion. I love some of the LV but that speedy is in no way as nice as the Gucci
  6. Go ahead and post in the LV forum too..I think that is OK...Say Jill said it was..LOL!

    I like both.BUT if u find the Gucci too big ALREADY..perhaps the other bag is better for your lifestyle?
  7. HM, this must be soooo tough for you! If you have the opportunity to get the graffiti speedy in good condition at a great price, then I definitely vote for that. Graffiti pieces are sooooooooo HOT!!! :nuts:

    Good luck with your decision - I don't envy you! ;)
  8. I say keep the Gucci --and I am definitely more of an LV girl. The shoes and bag look really great together.
  9. I like the Gucci as well!
  10. Gucci! Definitely, those shoes are hot and match with the positano perfectly! As for the LV, I'm really not a fan of the graffiti, but go with it if you feel comfortable. It's your choice. Good luck! ;)
  11. def gucci!!
  12. :dothewave:Gucci! Gucci!:dothewave:Gucci vs. LV yeah!:boxing:
  13. I would go for LV. I get sooooo many compliments on my white graffiti. You are going to love that bag. Regardless, the Gucci is feminine but it's just fabric and new totes will come out. The graffiti is discontinued. You will get eyes on you while you’re walking down the street but that Gucci tote is not that rear. I wouldn’t be surprise if someone carrying it on the street. It’s just like when you’re holding your Blondie bower down the street you would feel the same as the LV. I have both that’s why I’m saying that. (bower and graffiti)
  14. I love gucci, but the graffiti speedy is a collectors item and you shouldn't pass on such a special piece. Those totes are everywhere and you can get one anytime! I have been looking for a graffiti keepall for along time!! Goodluck!
  15. if the graffiti is being sold at a great price, go grab it!

    after buying it, save up and after a couple of months you can buy the positano again. but if you change your mind about the LV, you can always sell it at eBay, even at a higher price. don't you just love the resale value of LV?:supacool: ok enough about LV, other people might throw stones at me already. i'm in a Gucci forum!