1. I bought this bag about two or so years ago from Holt Renfrew. And i want to know if any one Knows the name and what collection it is from.


    Thank You
  2. [​IMG]

  3. I am not sure... but it is beautiful!!! :yes:

    I have the Boxy Tote with the same crystals and ladybugs on it and it was from 2-3 years ago too.
    It is sooooo pretty!

    :heart: it!
  4. it's really cute! I know someone here will know, but you could always put the item# in a search on eBay or something else and I am sure it will tell more about it! ;)
  5. I know i've seen that somewhere recently....I think it's called something like Optic Signature Ladybug Hobo. I think finzup has one.
  6. Not sure but it's very nice =)
  7. I am probably wrong, but isn't that the Small Optic Ladybug hobo?


    Style 6723, to be exact. Retail 258.