1. My mom is getting me a purse for my 14th birthday and I can't decide if I want the CARLY SIGNATURE PATCHWORK SMALL HOBO (10813) or the HAMPTONS WEEKEND PATCHWORK DEMI SATCHEL (10457)?? Please help me decide! Thanks!
  2. Hi sweetie! Thats a tough one. My daughter is also 14 and I think she would actually like the signature Carly best. But I must say the patchwork small hobo is sooooo darned cute! Have fun choosing and let us know which it will be.
  3. Hi there, I would have to vote for the Carly but I'm sure you'd love either one. Be sure to post pics! Happy early Bday!
  4. I love Carlys, so I have to vote for it! Either way, happy (early) birthday!
  5. my vote is for the carly, and happy birthday!
  6. I am going to be different here... and say the Patchwork. I think for your age-- the patchwork would be darling! :yes:

    I think the Carly=more classic/functional
    And the patchwork= more hip/fun

    I guess it depends on your personal style too! :yes:
  7. I agree! The patchwork is really cute. :tup: