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  1. I have a diamond ring last year in september.....
    the diamond set inside the ring (flat with the ring surface)...... 2 weeks ago i carelessly knock my ring on my drawer (wood).... and the diamond is loose
    so I took it back to the jewelry store and ask them to fix it for me.... and the jewelry guy told me that the diamond is chipped alittle on the side of the diamond (hard to see if it's in the ring)

    O_O i was so surprise... I thought diamond is the hardest thing in the world... how can it be chipped by just hitting it on the wood.... I'm so pissed :cursing:

    anyway.... Is it possible for the diamond to chip if I hit it on the wood?????? I'm confused!!!
  2. Depends how you hit it and how hard probably, but id think that the stone would have damaged the wood more than the o ther way around...
  3. I wouldn't have thought a knock like that could damage a diamond either. I've scratched a sapphire in that way before (and boy did I regret it!) but I also thought a diamond would be tougher than that. I'm also interested if any diamond experts out there can shine a light on this and help us out?
  4. seriously... I don't think I hit hard on the table... because I just lift my hand from the bottom to the top... =_= anyway...

    I'll need to take it to another jewelry and take out the diamond and have a good look at it....

    thx alot for your help

    experts around?
  5. If your diamond was cut with a very thin girdle (not an optimal cut for this reason), it would chip if struck against something at just the right angle. You need to take it to an excellent jeweler to have it sent off to be recut most likely. Otherwise, it will be reset with a chip in it, which makes it worth barely anything if you ever want to sell it or trade it. Sometimes when it is recut by someone who is an excellent cutter, it will barely affect the carat weight if it is not a huge chip and if the cutter is very experienced and knows what they are doing. Good luck!!

    Eeek, I just read your post again and saw that you have what sounds like a bezel style setting which means the edges of your diamond are not really exposed? If this is the case, is your diamond GIA certified? Look at the cert if you do because it would dictate if that flaw/chip was present when you bought the stone. If it is uncertified and you bought it unknowingly chipped and the store did not tell you....that is a whole other issue. Please let us know because diamond resellers have been known to be shady sometimes and sell a stone as something that it is not to an innocent unsuspecting customer. Keep us informed!
  6. It is a IGI cert. diamond... never check if the cert. say flaw or anything... by I'll try to see if it mention anything

    can't see how's the damage to the diamond now....
    so I'll try to take out the diamond and see the condition

    btw... Can the diamond send back to IGI for recut?
    is it better than those one who're independent?

    thx so much kristie... will inform u guys for any news..
  7. Hmmmm, I am not sure about sending it back to them. I don't think they do that but I definitely could be wrong. If it is certified, there should be a drawing of your diamond on the cert and it will have all inclusions, clouds, feathers, etc. and DEFINITELY a chip, on there. Did you look at the diamond under a scope or loupe when you bought it to make sure it was the exact same one that you got and was not switched with one that was chipped? I am not trying to sound like I am accusing your jeweler of defrauding you by any means, it just has been known to happen. You CAN send it to GIA, etc. and have it re-certed for around $250-$300. I would take the stone to a couple of really reputable places and get their opinion on it and make sure to bring the cert with you. Good luck to you!

    BTW what are the exact specs on your diamond?? Color, Cut, Clarity, etc.
  8. Chipped the diamond?? Wow.
  9. I don't trust jeweler anymore anyway....
    yes.... there's a laser # on my diamond... I'll make sure that it match...

    it's a .50 crt, VVS1, D, good for cutting and etc....
  10. Wow ok I thought this was going to be a teeny tiny little stone but it's definitely not...Is it insured?
  11. I had the same thing happen to me. I knocked the diamond on a counter. And it chipped. Never knew it could be fixed..
  12. kristie, you're sooo informed. i loved reading your post. i really didn't know that there were such shady people out there.....and message of the day is to definatly have your stone/s certified

  13. wow, didn't realize it's this big....:sad: hope you can get it fixed and some of these knowledgable ladies can help you (esp. krisite)
  14. Thanks :smile:! Actually, the whole "certification" thing is not a "must have" but it is optimal just so you can be confident you are, indeed getting what you paid your hard earned money for. My best friend's dad is a custom jeweler and I trust him 10000% (I have known them since I was 10 and I am 28 now). My center stone (Princess cut, G/H color vs2, 2 ct.) is not certified and it is as beautiful or more than a certified stone. He showed me the diamond under a microscope, etc. so I "knew it" and what I was getting. Since I got it from a trusted and respected jeweler, the cert is just a piece of paper to me.

    I could send it to GIA to have it certed, but I am to lazy to take it and have it sent off and you have to pay $250-$300 to do it. But, if I ever wanted to sell it privately, it would be very hard to sell w/o a cert.

    Also, I forgot to mention in my first post about this was that my princess diamond was chipped on the very corner (common with custom setting princesses) when they were originally setting it and they recut it and it only went from 2.03 carats to 2.0 carats. Plus, it looked even more sparkly and beautiful after the recut, so there is hope if it needs to be recut!!
  15. Yes, it is a falacy that diamonds are the hardest material in the world. And even though they are very hard, they can still chip under certain conditions. Care must be taken at all times.

    There are definately weak points on a diamond being the edge or if it has an internal crack or fault line. Diamonds with pointy corners like princess or emarald cut are particularly vunerable. Even when you are getting a ring reset, the jeweller can definately chip the diamond. If you drop or bang the diamond on a hard surface and it hits a weak point in the diamond it can chip.

    Maybe in your case the diamond was already chipped when it was set? Or else the setting sounds like it was not done properly to hold the diamond firm? jmo
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