Nov 28, 2006
My gf bought me a bag whilst travelling through Italy a few weeks ago and due to communication error she ended up mistakenly purchasing the wrong one. :confused1:

She lives and works in London at the moment, but only recently came back to her hometown Australia for a few weeks. My question is, is there any way that I can return it to any chanel store? If so would difference in currency matter? Also how long will the credit note last for?

I just rang Chanel Milan and the SA said because she requested the VAT refund (which she got when she left Heathrow airport) she would not be able to return it to that store (Milan)

What to do?!?! Please help me with this situation, I really dont want this bag. Am I stuck with this bag?


Nov 3, 2006
When a friend of mine bought a bag from LV in Paris, she was able to exchange it for another bag here in NY. She got the current selling price for the bag. I also asked while I was in Paris if I were able to make an exchange back in NY and she said yes. Try going to your local Chanel boutique. Good luck.