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  1. I have seen some on Ebay and they were recently at the outlets.
    You may want to call the Coach 800# to see if there are any left in the warehouse.

    I've never used that site that you mentioned.
  2. Look for it on E-Bay. It's called a Katy and was very popular. You can also look up the Bag, Borrow or Steal thread (I actually think I started it) to get people's opinions. You can buy the bags you borrow from them.
  3. I've never used Bag Borrow or Steal but if I did, that definitely wouldn't be the bag I'd borrow or buy from them. That bag is very delicate and snags easily. I'm guessing that it would look pretty bad after a couple people passed it around. :yes:
  4. ^^LOL!^^ Thanks Shelly!:lol:

    I am on Ebay just as much as TPF. :yes:

    Not buying though!:nogood:
  5. Just be careful. The Katy Bag is highly faked so make sure you use the Authenticate This Thread when in doubt.
  6. ^^^ VERY true!

    and unfortunately they've gotten good at faking the stripes

    I wish it wasn't such a delicate fabric, I love it too

    I think it was $398
  7. I think it's gorgeous too but I am just way to hard on bags.
  8. i want this too. you should call jax (as will i when i have funds)
  9. I think it is a silk blend like the scarf print wristlets but not sure. It is really cute !
  10. Me too! Handbglvr, you're the best Ebay Deal Detective! :smile:

    By the way, I love the Katy bag too!
  11. thanks everyone