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  1. My mum just looked at her bank statement and she has a payment of £50 to "Card payment to EBAY.CO.UK/CC on 25_May" and another 2X£50 in previous months!

    Anyone know what this is? I mean is it ebay fees?
    She doesn't use ebay, and hasn't given her card to anyone to use.

    I tried to find a phone number for ebay but no joy, is there anyway other than email I can contact them?

  2. That sounds like eBay fees need to call her CC co and dispute them
  3. Yep it's eBay fees, just looked at my last credit card statement and it's just like that
  4. Thank you mooks, I thought this was probably it, but wasn't 100% certain.

    I am asking ebay live help now, or trying to. Will they tell me who it is?
  5. No I doubt it, it's very round amounts too which is strange
  6. well it's like £49.23, etc, not approx. £50, but large sums! :S
  7. Oh ok, don't forget to make out you are your mum or they won't help you
  8. Live help is utter **ite. He wont give me the number of UK ebay. He says that I can't find out who it is, because they can't search using credit card details, and the only thing I can do is contact my bank. UGH. (well her bank)
  9. Chris B. has joined this session!
    17:59:37 System
    Connected with Chris B.
    17:59:37 Chris B.
    Hello, thank you for waiting and welcome to eBay Live Chat! My name is Chris.
    If you're a registered member, may I please start by having you confirm your User ID and first name?
    17:59:45 katie****
    17:59:53 katie****
    lol, anyway, my mum has a problem
    18:00:09 [​IMG]katie****
    she noticed on her credit card statement *Card payment to EBAY.CO.UK/CC on 25_May*
    18:00:17 katie****
    But!! She doesn't have an ebay account
    18:00:22 katie****
    and wants to know who it is using her card
    18:00:32 katie****
    I can give you her details if you like
    18:00:53 Chris B.
    So to clarify, she does not have an ebay account at all?
    18:01:17 katie****
    She doesn't, but she thinks she might have given it to one of my siblings
    18:01:38 katie****
    I tried to find an ebay phone number, but couldnt, so this is the only other method I could think of
    18:02:33 Chris B.
    Ok, well Im not able to look up accounts by a credit card number. Assuming it was a charge from ebay, what would probably be best is to contact her credit card company. They should be able to track where the charge came from and just block any further charges from there.
    18:03:34 katie****
    do you have a phone number?
    18:03:37 katie****
    my mum wants to ring up
    18:03:52 katie****
    UK one
    18:03:58 Chris B.
    At the moment ebay only offers Live chat and email support.
    18:04:58 Chris B.
    If she believes someone is using her card information, then it would be best to contact the card company and put a block on where the charges are coming from.
    18:05:07 katie****
    18:05:11 katie****
    but she wants to know who it is
    18:05:19 katie****
    so there's no way to find out?
    18:05:20 katie****
    18:07:10 Chris B.
    We're not able to look up credit card information, and the only method we have to lookup accounts is by a user Id or email address.

    So basically there is no way to look that up, however even if we could. We're not able to discuss other account information with people who are not the account owner.
    18:07:33 katie****
    18:07:44 katie****
    even if you could, you wouldnt tell us who is ILLEGALLY using my mums card?

    18:09:40 Chris B.
    That's correct.
    I suggest she gets the card company to block the charges, and she should be ok after that.
  10. Mind you you wouldn't want to be giving them cc info and adversely I wouldn't be too happy if they could egt cc info that readily.

    Get onto the cc company and they'll start things rolling for your mum
  11. Hi

    I know you are probably feeling really frustrated as well as angry about the situation.

    It is each individual's interest that this type of information is not accessible and given out to a third party.

    You should be able to get all those answers from your bank or CC company, and they will be able to rectify it immediately.

    Sometimes we end up going round in circles with security questions and issues, which is still not enough for us to avoid being scammed.

    Let us know what the bank/CC company say.

    Good Luck!
  12. Cheers, she rang up Abbey National, and the people she's supposed to ring aren't open until 9am tomorrow :S
    £50 in fees is quite high, so maybe it's a shop :S
  13. Let us know what the outcome is :smile: