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  1. I am trying to pay for an item i won in Ebay via paypal, i have already verified my credit card with paypal, and its showing as verified on the account, however everytime i try to send the money to the seller a message always comes up saying "THis payment cannot be funded with a credit card at this time"? i am 100% sure my credit card has enough balance for this, anyone know why its doing this to me ?:wtf:
  2. Sounds like the Seller hasn't upgraded her account{?}
    I'd e-mail her immediately and tell her, ask her if she has upgraded her account.
    ** EBAY requires ALL Sellers that accept Paypal also HAVE TO ACCEPT CREDIT CARD payments via Paypal.**
  3. Yeah that sounds like what it is to me too. When I first started selling, I only accepted paypal from an existing balance but again, no one bothered to read my terms and sent me CC payments anyway. So I upgraded my account and it was fine. I'd email the seller about it so she's in the loop about it too.
  4. ok....i will e-mail the seller now, i hope its going to be sorted out ASAP becoz i am really excited about the purchase !:smile:
  5. still not working ! the sellers says her account can take credit card payment, so there must be something wrong with paypal !
    does the balance usually show $0 on the account overview section ?:confused1:
  6. ^^Unless you transfer money over from your bank account or accept a payment, it will always be $0.
  7. I had the same problem once because my card was being denied, i had the money available, but it was a large purchase on a new credit card. I would call your CC and see if they are denying the amount, as soon as they OK it, it should go through.
  8. ^^ Yes, me too. This is the commonest reason for Paypal refusing credit card funded payments in my experience - a quick call to your card company should sort it out.
  9. ^^ Totally agree

    Also one time when I tried to pay it wouldn't and when I tried a few hours later it went through so may have been a temporary glitch??
  10. i hope so....just called my CC and they say they are not holding anything ...or deny any payment coming i have no idea what the problem is:sad:
    i just hope when i wake up tomorrow it will be fine !
  11. Sounds like the seller only has a personal account, so they cannot accept credit card payments. Send an email to the seller and let them know. eBay requires sellers to accept CC payments if they have Paypal as a method of payment.
  12. mystery solved....turns out my CC was bounced back by Paypal's security centre for no good reason ! they can't explain why , but all i can do is add another CC :tdown:
    now i am thinking about if i pay the seller by wire transfer, and get her to write out an agreement such as after she receives my money she will send out the item ? would that be legally binding ?:confused1:
  13. I wouldn't use wire transfer personally, not if it's a significant amount of $ anyhow.
    Can't you just transfer funds from your acount to hers?
    Don't use the credit card or just add another one.
  14. I wouldn't use wire transfer. You have no protection in case she decides to screw you over. Unless you get her to sign that document by a notary, it's useless...I don't believe it would hold up in court if it were to go that far.

    Why don't you just transfer the funds into your account, and then send her the funds from your account - like Swanky suggested?
  15. this is really annoying ! i've tried making the payment using two of my credit card , it didn't go through and they charge me like $1 each i tried !! then i ring the customer service number , and now they say its becoz my a/c is so new, so i can't make one big amount transcation !! i don't know why on earth i opened up this a/c in the first place. i also asked them if i can transfer money from my bank a/c to my paypal a/c and they say its not possible to do when my bank a/c is in New Zealand ..... aaarrrrr.....