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May 23, 2007
Hi. I'm a new member. About to make my second LV purchase. Bought a Mono Speedy 35 four years ago. Love it. Have wanted a second luggage piece ever since. Now, that I finally think I am going to get one, I want to make sure I really like what i get. Hv always thought about the pegasse 50, but felt it was too small. Now, I've just seen the Eole 50 and really think it's nice, but was wondering if anyone has feedback on it and how much it holds. Also, was wondering if a better use of my money(~1500) would be to get the strapless keepall and the batignolles (since i don't even own a LV handbag yet). I know i wrote alot, but can anyone help??????

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Jan 9, 2007
i vote for strapless keepall and the batignolles too :yes:.


Nov 22, 2006
Welcome to tPF!

A small Keepall (45 or 50 or 55) and a Batignolles Horizontal would be great choices! I would recommend a small Keepall that you can carry onto the plane instead of checking it in at the airport so that you can keep the Keepall with you. (There have been some horror stories about Keepalls getting damaged when checked in at the airport!)

However, you can also use your Speedy 35 as an everyday purse! (Maybe even buy a strap for it!) We have a lot of tPF members who have the 35 for dailey use!