1. Please help me find a nice white bag for the summer, I'm open to any and every opinion! Please try to post pics as well! thanks a lot!!!:heart:
  2. how about one of these:
    [​IMG]$179 cookie bucket by TANO
    [​IMG]love boat $259 by Tano
    [​IMG]suzy hotrod $225 by Tano
    [​IMG]concrete blondie $225 by Tano
    [​IMG]streaker $209 by Tano
  3. That "Streaker" is just about the cutest white bag I've ever seen! And I like the "Bucket"
    What are they like inside?
  4. I agree...The Streaker is a Cutie! I am NOT about white bags at all but how cute that would be in another color.
  5. Man, I already have a white bag but that Streaker is making me want to get another one! I wish they had it in other colors...
  6. Thanks Tano expert, streaker looks great, are there any other companies out there that have a good collection out? Thanks again!
  7. I love my white loveboat. This is just about the most user-friendly white bag I've ever seen. Doesn't pick up any color from dark clothes and you can simply wipe off dirt and dust with a damp cloth. And the color is funky, not bright white, but a sort of off-white greige. The bag is big, with lots of pockets, but it doesn't look huge when you don't fill it up. After my initial ambivalence, I am now in love with this bag.
  8. does anyone own a Suzy Hotrod?

    I am very drawn to the style.. I don't know if I should get it...

    I like everything! I am so torn!
  9. Hahaha! I'm laughing because my sweet Tano buddies are HERE too! Hi guys! We sure get around! Hmm...a white bag. Hard call - I know that I would go with Tano too, myself....that Suzy Hot Rod - is Hot Rod hot!!!:supacool: But I do notice that Tano's "whites" are more of an "off white" or "cream"....
  10. i am actually thinking of a Tano Suzy HotRod in Scotch Whisky
    I really like that style!

    And woo hoo! We are all Tano Buddies now!