1. i have been looking for over 3 days now for this bag. i know it is a older bag but maybe someone can help me find one for sale i think it is called the round hobo and in pink thanks for the help

  2. Oh, my, what a challenge! I've never seen that bag before. Wouldn't it be easy for a purse-snatcher to grab it? That would be my only concern with this bag. BUT, if it is the bag of your dreams then I have no doubt that the fine ladies (and gents) on this forum can help you in your quest! Best of luck!
  3. i am really looking for the white one like this sorry
  4. i saw one on eBay in pink the other day
  5. i dont think they are the same thing i am looking for but thanks for the reply
  6. it's the bigger one
  7. I've seen some of these on eBay, mostly in seafoam or dusty pink. I believe they are sold out in stores.
  8. so there is no white ones i can get any place
  9. ^ this is several seasons old, the bags at the outlets are more recent than this style. Your best bet is ebay.
  10. so no luck any other place
  11. nope, sorry... not unless someone lists it on a consignment online shop.