1. Is eBay the only place to find a used but in good condition black on black Gucci bag?

    I really want one, either a small one for daily use (I only need it for a wallet, cell, lip gloss and keys) or a bigger bag for work. Either one is fine, but I am having no luck on eBay. So many of them are fake!

    Can anyone help me out or point me in the right direction?
  2. not sure where u live , but a consignment shop is always a great place to look for used designer bags. i have had luck in many of them .. good luck . if not try the gucci outlet, they aren't used but cheaper then retail. best of luck !!
  3. Thanks for the tip. I have tried co-stores as well.

    I did try the outlet but they do not have any black on black right now.

    Maybe I could keep my fingers crossed for the Gucci May/June sale. If only I knew what bags were going to be on sale.
  4. Try They carry real Gucci at a nice discount. Their stock changes ALL the time. So I would check there frequently. If you find something you like on Bluefly make sure to go over to the steals and deals thread and get an additional 15% off code.

    And like you said the sale is coming up :yahoo:

    Good luck
  5. I would stay away from eBay if at all possible. I know there are some real bags, but I would say there are more fakes then real bags listed.
  6. Thanks! I will check it out.

    I want one so bad and I just dont trust ebay, not with all the scams going on.
  7. Thanks for the help ladies.

    I want either a small bag, that would fit my wallet, keys, cell phone and lip gloss. Or I want a bigger bag, like a tote that I can use for work and school.
  8. They had a great abbey tote for $496 on bluefly today...its gone now but it might re-appear. You should keep checking. If you use the new customer coupon for 20% off the price would be amazing.
  9. I was on it this morning and I found it, but it was sold out. So I called and kept checking and finally, it was there again, so I purchased it right away. This is what I was looking for!! I had a picture of it printed out from the Gucci website.
  10. Congrats!!!! I love the Abbey Tote. I have one in pink