1. Help I am trying to decide if i like this bag can you help? Thanks.:confused1::confused1::confused1:
  2. Looks super cute! Looks like it would get much less dirty than the scribble.:smile:
  3. I have that same patchwork material in a swing pack and I love is very nice for summer :cutesy:
  4. I happen to really like this bag. So cute!
  5. I love this patchwork! I wish I would have gotten it when it was available last summer.:crybaby:
  6. While normally a fan of patchwork, I am not a fan of this one. It is nice and summery though.
  7. shouldnt it just matter that YOU like it and not what anyone else thinks? if you like it then get it, if you arent sure, then dont get it. only go for the bags that YOU LOVE
  8. Exactly. But just to share my opinion, I didn't like it last year when it came out, but out of no where it grew on me.
  9. your right i love it i am going for it!
  10. I'm not a particular fan of this patchwork, but, I do have that type of purse in tends to slip off my shoulder a lot, which, can be a bother, but, I still love the bag overall!
  11. does it hold alot of stuff? I have the small hamptons in the gold!
  12. That size holds a lot and is comfy. My friend has a black hamptons hobo and she uses it a lot. The colors are great for spring/summer.
  13. Great advice!!
  14. you are right thanks for the advice