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  1. :confused1: I bought a groom round coin purse from someone.
    but groom's hair and buttons on groom's cloth are all white instead of yellow...
    does it mean it's a fake one?
    but the seller told me it's an authentic one.
  2. Where did you get it from?
  3. You can post pics on the authentication thread. They'll be happy to authenticate it for you. But it sounds fake. The hair shouldn't be all white.
  4. Hi & welcome to the forum!!:nuts:

    If you could take pictures of your groom coin purse & post them to the "authenticate this" thread in Shopping section, you'd get a quick opinion of whether your purse is authentic or not!! :yes:
  5. thx.
    coz i brought another groom purse from lv store.
    the hair is yellow.
  6. Here's a pic of mine.

  7. thx a lot.
    i compared mine with my friend's.
    her purse is just like what u posted...
  8. Awh i hope you didnt pay Alot for it! I suggest you ask for a refund.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.