1. Is this vert cru??? It seems too dark to be vert anis. Can anyone tell me the difference between these colors in real life? If this is vert cru, what does it look like in daylight and what do you think of it? Thank you!:smile:

  2. Which ever color it is drool worthy...:drool:
  3. vert claire? I guess I need to do a search on that one. I don't suppose you have a photo?:graucho: Here I go to the ref thread again...
  4. Isn't it nice? At first I thought ooh, too dark but look how warm it is against the blue. Kind of preppy golf-ey green? Or is it wishful thinking?

  5. ITA!! That's why I thought Vert Claire. Sorry I don't have a Pic...but that the shade that most people call Kelly Green...
  6. Hmm. When I did a search I found a post by hermesgroupie I think who said vert claire was like a kelly green. HG, can you help please?
  7. I agree, it looks like vert claire. Vert cru reminds me of anti-freeze.
  8. Thanks, HG. Have you seen it in real life? What do you think of it?

    (edit) I just saw your antifreeze comment. I thought hey! yuck! And then I saw it was referring to vert cru, thankfully.
  9. IS..whatever color that sure is beautiful!! is that your bag?
  10. Yes, I've seen both colors IRL. I like vert claire best in box. GORGEOUS!!! Vert cru I've seen in gulliver and clemence.
  11. HG, I've been dreaming of special ordering a blue jean with green interior - but have wondered if maybe vert anis is not the right choice. Then I saw this and the more I look at it, the more I think I like it for the green of a summer bag! If I hadn't have seen it maybe I wouldn't have chosen it. I love pics of vert anis but have only seen it in very small ostrich items so far. Frustrating.

    No, clinkenwar, not mine. Just drooling.
  12. That's a beautiful green. This is the first time I've heard of vert claire. Is it lighter or darker than vert feulliage?
  13. Sweet spring colors. Like an Easter basket with the grass inside!