1. The last time I visited H (a few days ago), my SA in Alaska suggested that I may want to think about getting a non black bag for the summer. This got me thinking...

    So, I was thinking either a 28 cm sellier Kelly or a 30 cm birkin. I have been considering ebene and chocolate but also wondering if it is wise to stray from black.... black can be used during the summer, right?

    THEN..... this morning I got a call from H asking me if I would like a 30 cm black birkin in togo with gold h/w:drool: . I have it on hold for a few days until you guys help me make up my mind, then it goes to the next client on my SAs list.

    NOW, I do have an SO in for a black box 30 cm Birkin, but this going to take a long time.....could be years.

    Should I get the togo?:heart:
  2. Hmmm. WWYD (What Would Yetty Do?)

    I think she'd say go for both. Black togo and black box are very, very different.
  3. as for the birkin: would you be just as happy with the togo as with the box?? if so, jump on it! if box would make you happier, i'd wait - you already have the SO in, so it'll come eventually.

    as for adding color to your "bag-drobe" (lol!), i know there are a lot of fans of color on here, and i'm one of them :smile: but i honestly believe you only wear what you love and feel comfortable in....and an H bag (for me, at least) is just too costly to buy and not use. so, if black is what works for you, that's what i'd get.

    i think you might have posted about this, but have you considered a black/toile combo as a spring/summer bag??
  4. Do you think that my husband will notice the difference between my 32cm togo kelly and a 30 cm Birkin in togo..... could I pretend it's the same bag:graucho:
  5. I would love to see one IRL and would consider it. I think the box would make me extra happy.... but the wait is so long. The togo will make me very happy too, and there is the instant gratification.
  6. Good gracious, Rose, GO FOR IT!!:yahoo: You DO like gold h/w ?????

    Black Togo will be fabulous for ALASKA:yes: goes great with snow shoes!!

    And, wear it to NYC....when you finally climb out of all that snow!

    As for your DH.....if he questions you, just tell him you changed out your single handle for a double handle which IS an option on the Kelly style!!

  7. Yes, I love gold hardware. So much easier to wear with browns hues than Pall h/w (for me ).
  8. I LOVE YOU!:yahoo:
  9. I don't know whether or not YOUR dh would notice, but MINE wouldn't be able to tell the diff between a birkin or an evelyne.

    Seriously, is it an either/or question? If you buy the togo is the box right out? If so, wait for the box, if not, get both.
  10. As someone who is still smiling every time I think/see/carry/stroke/sigh over my new Black clemence Birkin, I would say seize this happy day Rose!
  11. SNAP that baby up girl!!! Don't even think twice! Black Togo is hearty and you'll get so much use out of it out there in Alaska, and the gold hardware is so classic and lovely. Perfect combination IMO, and I honestly think you'll be so happy with it Rose!
  12. A thought, tho, you really want to JUMP on this Birkin....??

    Is your heart beating wildly with excitement? Would you just:crybaby:if you turned it down??

    If not, then pass......if YES....then, THAT'S your answer!!

    I've been offered bags that I thought just lovely.....but my heart wasn't in them, so I passed. On the other hand, or arm, as the case may be, I've been offered a few in my life that absolutely made me stand by the door all day awaiting ShopMom's FedEx guy.....with great anticipation.

    I've held, touched and admired a BlackTogo Birkin with gold h/w and it's absolutely a stunning bag.....
  13. No, I am definitely getting the box. This would be an 'extra' instead of a ebene/chocolate bag.
  14. I do! I would have to say no to an ebene/choco bag for the summer though..and live with black. But I can do that, can't I??
  15. I love ebene/chocolate. It seems like you really, really like black, though. Is this a case of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it?" I wonder if ebene isn't possibly a case of not far enough away from black to really make it a risky, innovative color choice, yet just different enough to eventually make you ultimately dissatisfied with it, since you really seem to be a fan of the black bag.

    It's actually a pretty fun dilemma to be having, though. :yes: