1. I'm 5'3", 120 lbs and carry a lot of stuff...(i.e. sunnies, wallet, ipod, cell phone, car keys, etc) do any of you know from personal experience (i.e. trying it on at a store) which would "fit" me better? Does the 30 give A LOT of room after all of those? i'm debating between that and a tikal gm....any input would be greatly appreciated! ;)
  2. I prefer Pap 30 ;) ( it's according your previous post ) but if I were you, I'll go for Speedy 30 ( Damier or MC )
  3. I have a speedy 30 and I
  4. I have a speedy 30 and I can't fill that thing! I have a wallet, gloves, a big versace sunglasses case, cel phone, small agenda and I pile of little things like hand creme, dental floss, lipstick etc. I have even put a 500ml water bottle and a bag of popcorn or my lunch for work in there! still it's not full!
  5. I would get the Speedy 30.
  6. won't the speedy sag if I don't carry a lot of stuff in it? Or keep it shape if I switch out bags one day?
  7. get the speedy 30 first then tikal later :yahoo::yes::drool:

    the speedy 30 will definitely sag. i think there's a previous thread about that somewhere...but there are a lot who like the way it sags. some put a cardboard box/magazine etc.. on the bottom to keep the shape
  8. i usually put the stuffing back in the bag when i dont use it to keep the shape. you can also store it flat but i'm not sure that would be good if you store it for a long time....
  9. I can't stand bags that sag...I can't decide between the papillon or the tikal...ugh. this sucks! :cursing:
  10. I'd get the Speedy 30!
  11. Oh you won't wrong with Papillon :smile:
  12. you probably need a more structured bag. the tikal GM or papillon would be fine or you can try the speedy in MC,trouville or manhattan pm.

    just go to the nearest boutique and try them so you can see for yourself. my SA usually asks me to put my stuff inside the bag i'm looking so i can see for myself. good luck and tell us what you decide on...:yes:

    and welcome to tpf!
  13. I carried the MC 30 yesterday. That bag really holds a lot!
    I have a piece of cardboard- not a real thick piece- in the bottom, it stays there.
    But that bag really carries a ton of stuff & there is No sag!