I say no to a necklace (stay bare)...if you like bolder earrings I would do that. (like a shiny earring) Then, if you like bangle bracelets I say throw a stack of slim ones on one arm or just a few large ones if you prefer the larger instead. (if you do sterling silver earrings go with silver bracelets and vice versa with gold)

Keep the jewelry simple due to the boldness of the print on the material.

Stay away from all the earthy jewelry.

As for a bag and shoes...that depends on what you have, where you live, and when the event is. That is harder for me to help you with.

afternoon? evening? what kind of event? where is it at? Need more details.

OOPS...forgot to say I do love this dress!
I agree with Kelly, and I would suggest to stay with gold jewelry. If you do chose to wear something around the neck, I could see a long necklace (maybe pearls) that's knotted towards the bottom? Hope I was some help! Great dress by the way!
Hey guys. Thanks for the feedback. It's a marketing breakfast in Washington, DC. I was thikning of doing bangle bracelets and a neutral peep to pump. I have a feeling that I should stay solid with the bag, but don't really have anything neutral. I may get a clutch or something. Thanks again!
I think gold hoop earrings and bangles would be perfect. Do you have pictures of the nude shoes? I love the DVF dress, but just a warning, people dress in very boring colors here, so you'll definitely stand out with that dress, so the more neutral your shoes and accessories, the better.
First thought - gold! I dont think silver would look quite right with this. The other ladies here have 10 times more fashion sense than me lol so I'll leave the rest to them. You're going to look gorgeous!
Definitely no necklace. This dress has a really nice neckline and doesn't need something to accentuate it. Bangles seem like they would look great!