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  1. Ok, I am relatively new to eBay (only bought 3 items and never sold).

    I am selling my Chloe Paddington (auction ends tomorrow, listed for a 2nd time), and someone showed interest. She said she might wanna buy it right away. My auction ends tomorrow with no bids and 5 people watching!

    What do I do??? Do I take her offer? or wait to see if I get any bids tomorrow??

    If I was to take her offer, would I end my auction early and just take her payment trough paypal???

    She has a feedback score of 176 and 100% feedback! mostly buying!!!
  2. Unless she send you PayPal, don't close your auction however how good her feedbacks! I've bad experience with the similiar thing. She asked me to re-list my auction for her, email me everday even every hours but after I re-listed, she "gone with the wind", so nasty woman!! I thought she's serious coz she's record sold LV MC Sologne and over 100 feedbacks.

    Many feedbacks aren't guarantee at all. Normally, all sellers would request payment first then close the auction unless she's your repeat buyer. Good luck :love:
  3. If you want to take her offer i agree with lvgodiva wait till you receive payment first then close the auction . But you could let it run most people including myself wait till the last minute to bid. Also what colour chloe paddington? Could you post the link?:p
  4. I dont bid until the last 5 seconds lol. A lot of people do this. If her offer is good enough though, I'd take it. If you were to take it without waiting for the auction to end she would bid, you would end auction early selling to the high bidder and you would send her an invoice with the correct amount that was her offer.
  5. Generally I don't end auctions early because if the item is in demand, you will get many bids within the last few minutes. She may know this and is trying to get a better deal by not having to compete with other bidders in the last few minutes. I'd hold out until the auction ends!
  6. Ooh, I just saw the bag on eBay ... you may see me bidding on it! :drool:
  7. Same here. Don't accept the BIN. You might get more for it.
  8. Yup...most people wait until last minute to bid. I'd wait it out.
  9. OH DEAR! Please go re-read the rules!!!
  10. I hope you did the right thing by ending it early. Did you get her $$$ before you ended it?

    We were able to locate the bag by going through the listing using your FB info.
  11. yes I did!