1. I am wonder if anyone can give me some advice!
    I spilt some soda on the inside of my mono alma. I guess it was more than I thought and there is now a stain on the outside bottom leather.
    Can I fix this? Will it go away as it dries?
  2. Use baby wipes then use a leather conditioner to moisturizes the vachetta. The canvas itself can be cleaned with a damp cloth.
  3. yeah what ^ said
  4. Thanks a lot,
    I have baby wipes...but what leather conditioner should I get?
    It just happened do I have to put he leather conditioner on right away?
  5. Is mink oil a leather conditioner?
  6. Hmm. IDK. I wouldn't use mink oil. Check the you're dirty thred in the FAQ section maybe.
  7. Do not use mink oil! Even the boutique uses baby oil so the vachetta does not look so naked.
  8. ok
    thx everyone! :rolleyes: