1. Im filling in a royal mail compensation form, but it has tick boxes...eBay claim, lost, damaged, delayed, other...
    It's an eBay claim (I sold it on eBay) and it was I should tick both? Or just ebay claim? or is ebay claim something else?
  2. I can't even claim until 25 days after hte item was posted...but the girl who's claiming against me in paypal can make a claim argh.
  3. It's ridiculous Katie isn't it?? shoking! Is this for the items sent to Australia? I bet by the time you can actually claim that it will be there. Gosh thats a tricky question - I may tick ebay claim just in case Paypal/Ebay come back and want to see the evidence. I don't however think there is any problem either with it be ticked as lost!

    Confusing - as ever