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  1. 20190209_092105.jpg 20190204_132450.jpg
    I got this bad color transfer on the back of my new diorama and it's just the second time I pulled it out of its dustbag! we where just getting to know each other

    I dont use any protective, never had any issues with color transfer/stains/etc but all of my bags are black or in dark colors..
    I managed to rub most of it off with a piece of cloth dampened with some soapy water, but I'm afraid I'll rub it too hard and cause another mark. It looks like a very thin delicate leather. After a little google research I know I should have used some type of protective coating, but now I have to get rid of that pinkish mark first. How do I do that without harsh rubbing? Its already looks like a rash lol..
    Any help and tips for keeping it white would be appreciated

    BTW, since I'm already posting about this bag, did any of you own/saw this bag anywhere? After I bought it from the store I looked everywhere online and I found nothing. I would like to think that it is really special, but this is a little weird
  2. I think this bag is from Pre-Fall 2018. It was released with a red version and black version. It is no longer on the website because it is probably sold out at most boutiques, and they will not produce it again.

    Try using a soft, neutral cloth and a tiny bit of lighter fluid to remove the last bit. Don't rub too hard or it will either damage the leather, or gloss up the leather due to friction (it's meant to have a matte finish). Lighter fluid evaporates very quickly so it won't penetrate too much into the leather, and it is hydrophobic so it is able to remove stains that water cannot remove. You can get a similar product from a leather cleaning store if you wish (this is NOT a cleaning cream. It's a clear liquid hydrocarbon). This will not leave any residue).

    To prevent this from happening again, do not wear any colorfast fabrics with this bag, like denim or dyed T-shirts.
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  3. I’ve used a magic eraser for color transfer on less expensive bags and it worked perfectly.

    But could be risky on something more pricey that cannot be replaced
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  4. Yeah just the thought of that makes me cringe a bit. But thank you!

    I know but this is so hard! I'm in love with how this bag contrasts with strong colors, such a great look.
    I saw some videos of the Kiwi spray and similar products, it's almost too good to be true. Do you think it will help prevent any future problems like this? And any recommended brand?
    It's a shame to hold this bag just for nicer occasions

    I am gonna try the lighter fluid, will it cause any change of color like dark spots or what not?

    I thought it was from the f/w2018 collection, the date code is 09 bo 0168 so it was made in June 2018 if I understand correctly(?)
    But I ment to say I haven't seen anyone, anywhere wearing this bag, not on the season's photoshoot and nothing online(accept from Made me curious

    Thanks Averagejoe! Your Dior knowledge is truly wild!!

    I thought the Care and repair thread wasn't active, but I couldn't delete the post
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  5. The lighter fluid should not darken the bag because of how fast it evaporates. The only thing I did once was rub too hard, which ended up polishing the area I was cleaning and making it shiny when it was supposed to be matte.

    Do not use any water-based substance, including rubbing alcohol. That can damage the leather. I'm glad your initial wiping with a moist cloth took off some colour without damaging the leather, but water always runs that risk.

    If it is produced in June 2018, then it should be for Pre-Fall as that is when Pre-Fall is usually released.
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