Help! Zippy vs Insolite Coin Purse?

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  1. I purchased the Insolite Coin Purse a few days ago, but I keep looking at the MC Zippy CP online and wondering if I should exchange it for that one instead...
    The issue I was wondering about the Zippy was that it seemed too tight which might make it difficult to get things in and out and I wasn't sure if the change was going to stay in place in the pocket.
    With the Insolite, I'm afraid of the corners bending out since they're not as sturdy.
  2. I have both in full size and picked up the insolite coin purse last week. The zippy style just doesn't seem work for me...
  3. I have Zippy CP and I love it. Credit card slots were very thight at first and it was a bit difficult to get cards out, but they have loosened after some months of use. Coin pockets are extremely useful and notthing fells out, if you are afraid of that.
  4. Get the multicolor zippy coin purse. I'm going to get it too. Canvas is sturdy and the zippy takes abuse . I have been debating between mc and vernis amethyste not sure if I should just go with vernis since it is leather
  5. I think I'm going to go for the MC Zippy! My store only has white, but said they can order me in the black, so I'm going to go look at it today, just to make certain!
  6. Same dilemma and went if the mc zcp. It literally held all the cards I had in my Sarah and easy to view/access. The jnsolite zcp may have a future though if I wanted to switch out small wallets but the ms makes my heart smile whenever I open it.
  7. I love my Insolite Coin Purse, but I'm a minimalist sort of girl who doesn't really use cash.

  8. I actually just ordered both of these last week!!!! I ended up returning the Insolite CP because I think the corners will catch on things taking it in and out since it's always a bit open due to the design. The MC ZCP is a little snug at first but I don't carry much in it so I'm ok with that plus the color is just so Happy looking:lol::cool:
  9. I just ordered the insolite coin purse and already have the zippy. I hope I will like the insolite now after seeing all these comments about it bending:sad:. I like the idea of having the zippered part for coins as I use my cles for coins right now.
  10. I just exchanged it for the white MC Zippy. Now I want the Insolite CP, too! Agh! Anyone else this indecisive?

  11. That's why I liked the Insolite, for the change purse. I may just have to order it now...haha!
  12. I've always liked the Zippy. If you really keep doubting your choice, change it! You might as well be happy with what you buy :smile:
  13. Zippy Coin Purse works best for me and it's my favourite wallet style, but again it's individual preferences :smile:
  14. I went to order the Insolite CP online and it's sold out! Guess I'll have to see what the prices look like when they change =/
  15. I've been looking at the insolite coin purse for my eva, I love the look of it! She is on my list haha