Help: Zipped Compact Wallet vs. PTI

  1. Please help me make up my mind! I'm heading to LV tomorrow and I'm trying to decide which mono wallet to purchase. I'm torn between the Zipped Compact Wallet and the PTI. I really can't make up my mind because both seem to suit my needs/taste. Is there anything you dislike about either style? All suggestions and opinions are welcome. Thanks so much!
  2. Any suggestions????
  3. I prefer the zipped wallet styles over the snapped, then you can't lose anything accidentally
  4. Thanks for your opinion...I was a little concerned about the very large coin compartment in the PTI because it seems a little less secure.
  5. I don't have a LV wallet, but I've been looking at them. If you are concerned about the coin closure on the PTI, the Pochette Porte Monnaie is very similar to the PTI and it has a zipper closure. I just looked for it on eluxury and I only saw it in MC, but I saw it in Mono at the boutique.

    I actually am looking at the zippy wallet (not the compact), but the big one. I have more CC and I just need more space. :smile:

    I'm sorry that I'm not more helpful.
  6. Both zipped styles, small and large are great - they hold coins and credit cards. I have both, I just prefer the larger one because it holds more and my checkbook. I just like the security of knowing that once it's zipped up everything is going to stay in it. And it looks so snug.
  7. I have the pti and love it.
    Your best bet is to try both at the store, handle them as though you were out shopping and needed to get into your wallet. See which works best for you.

    I had the pochette passport wallet and hated it, i thought it would be a nice change to the PTI and held more cards, but i hated the zipper coin part. It was also too big on my hand. After using it for a week i sold it on eBay, and went back to my PTI.

    Good luck!
  8. I have both (Groom Compact wallet and quite a few PTI's) and prefer the PTI. I love the Compact Zippe one when I'm using a smaller bag, but when I switch to a larger bag, I go back to my PTI's.
  9. Thanks for all the advice!

    Colleen: No worries. You were very helpful.
  10. Let us know what wallet you decide on. They are so beautiful that it's hard to choose. I agree with Bag Fetish... when you go to LV, try on lots of wallets and see what seems to suit your needs the best.
  11. PTI. I have the zipped compact, but I find it too big, chubby and impractical, so I'm gonna give it to my mom and get a PTI instead :love:
  12. I've been using my PTI for a 1 and 1/2 years now and i hate it. It has not held up well at all. I'm getting the Zippy Wallet today after work, hehe!
  13. JWerner83:

    What happened to your PTI? Has it lost its shape? Do your coins fall out of the change compartment? Has anyone else had problems with the PTI?
  14. I just got a PTI after having a mono french purse for years. I've decided it's just too big for my small hands to manage and I really don't carry a lot of stuff in my wallet anyway. So the PTI will go on eBay and I'm going to buy a new french purse (great time to get one, since the price just dropped from $615 to $525!).
  15. I have the compact zippe and I love it! For a snap closure, it suprisingly never goes undone on its own. However if you tend to hold tons of cards, it can only handle so much.. The zipped compartment is my favourite! It has two separate spaces. Also, the size and fattyness of the wallet feels comfortable for me to hold on its own when I do.