HELP! Zac Posen Aurora bag (hardware fell off and it's now lost!)

  1. I'm SO upset! :crybaby: I've only had this bag for 3 months! I bought it on eBay (from a power seller), and everything was fine, until one day I realized the top part of the bag [​IMG]

    was missing (must've fallen off and I didn't even realize) :cry: It's the golden 'plaque' part, with Zac Posen inscribed.

    Now it means I can't even close the bag! Any suggestions on how I get another part?

    Thanks in advance! :heart:
  2. I've just written to the man in charge of Zac Posen's accessories (saw the email on his website), hopefully he can help...Any other suggestions welcome : )
  3. Hi brigadeiro, sorry to hear about your bag... Did the guy in charge of Zac Posen's accessories fixed for you? I just got an Aurora bag and I wonder what would happen now...:sad:
  4. I too, am wondering what ended up happening with this bag? Did they end up fixing or replacing it for you?
  5. I never got a single reply from the guy (wonder if it'd make a difference if I tried again)! :sad: The bag's just sitting in my wardrobe unused...SO sad!
  6. i think you should def try to contact Zac Posen again, email whoever's listed on their website. customer service should be readily available especially for such a high-end brand. good luck!
  7. They removed the contact details from the website! But I searched through my 'sent' emails, and re-sent my email to the supposed 'accessories' contact person. Alas, no replies at all! I'm lost now, haven't used the bag since last year!!!
  8. I bought the Aurora Bag from Nordstrom's and after first use, same thing happened. Opening my bag the top and ring literally flew across the room. I went through Nordstroms to repair, but they deal with The Fixery at 80 Mott Avenue, Inwood, NY 11096 USA Or 1-800-2-FIXERY. They do not do the work themselves, but they work with the gentleman who repaired my bag. He did a fabulous job. All parts intact and like new. Only complaint was that he had to replace the "entire" frame (it's built that way) and in removing and replacing you could tell he really had a time fitting it. But it's not visible to the naked eye. I just happen to be a perfectionistic freak! Very happy with outcome though. I see your post was a while ago, maybe you've already had it repaired, if not try them.
  9. Thanks couturebaglady! Sadly, I'm actually missing the plaque that goes on the top with 'Zac Posen' inscribed oni t! :cry: I didn't realise it had fallen off until the next day, and couldn't find it response from Zac Posen people either :sad:
  10. I am so sorry to hear this. I have this bag too. It is gorgeous. I hope you get her fixed so you can use her.
  11. I still haven't used my Aurora since last year...1 month after buying it :cry:
  12. Now my Aurora bag is broken too :pout: Mine is the little knob latch that fell out and is missing. I sent an email and have gotten no response so far :cursing:
  13. Unhappy to say that after all I went through I never once used the bag! Sigh.