Help! Yummy/easy/fast ways to eat vegetables?

  1. I realised that I eat very few (if any) vegetables.

    That scares me because I do try to be healthy.

    Can anyone suggest a way to include vegetables in your day when you are time poor and dont want frozen food?

    Any tips, recommendations, recipes would be appreciated!
  2. You can always pile veggies on sandwiches, burgers, etc.

    You could make an easy quiche: lightly grease a casserole dish, and then you know those crescent rolls that come in a tube? Press them out so they line the bottom, and that will be the crust. Then mix eggs with spinach (frozen is fine, just make sure it isn't too chunky), mushrooms, cheese, onions, and whatever else sounds like it would be good in there. Then bake it at about 350 degrees for about a half an hour (check it by cutting into the middle and making sure the eggs aren't runny).

    A salad before dinner is always a good idea, just take it easy on fatty dressings. Don't use iceberg lettuce, since it doesn't really have anything good in it for you. We use romaine, but anything with some green is good. Then top with tomatoes and other vegetables/toppings you like (green peppers, mushrooms, onion, carrots, etc).

    I love baby carrots, they keep well in the fridge and are easy to take with you if you're on the go. I like mine with hummus! You could always cut up some veggies, like peppers, broccoli, cucumbers, and celery, too. You could eat it with low-fat ranch dressing if you don't like them plain and don't like hummus.

    If you like pasta, you can add a lot of stuff to a tomato sauce (mushrooms and peppers can be diced and then cooked along with a jar of sauce).

    If you like soup then you can go with that route, and it's generally pretty cheap. Try to find a healthier option that isn't loaded with sodium. Making your own isn't that hard in a crock pot; I've done some thick soups in ours and just let it simmer all day. You could always add some veggies to chilli, too.

    Carrot juice is pretty good (it's surprisingly sweet), especially when mixed with citrus juice.

    You can make a stir fry with brown rice. You can find frozen bags of stir fry veggies, too, and that paired with brown rice is a cheap and easy meal.

    Hope this gives you some ideas!
  3. There's this one recipe where you take broccoli and cauliflower and I think you lightly boil them so that they aren't too hard. Then you coat them lightly in olive oil and then roll them around in bread crumbs and herbs for flavoring. Make sure they're coated! Then you bake them til they're crispy!

    Don't quote me on that recipe since that is from the back of my head!
  4. I'll put any and every veggie into linguine, angel hair, or egg noodles throughout the week. If you use just a bit of the high quality parmesan rather than piles of the cheap stuff to make up for lack of flavor, or add in some pieces of good fresh mozzarella, a good extra virgin olive oil, you can add to that: sliced peppers of any variety/color (SO likes the sweet mini peppers best), zucchini in chunks/grated, squash strips, cherry tomatoes, wedges of heirloom tomatoes, baby squash, carrot strips, mushrooms, broccoli (I especially love to use chopped frozen broccoli, since it's so small SO can't pick it out, lol), just about any veggie is good! I suggest steaming them then tossing them in, or tossing them in a bit of olive oil and grilling or pan cooking a bit first.

    Steamed veggies are always good to SO and I; we steam them just a bit though, because we still like a bit of crunch. For flavor, you could whip up a thyme-infused butter to add on to things like green beans.

    I actually put a lot of chopped and sliced veggies and fruits in my water, which I know sounds weird, but can be very good! I'll put big sticks of cold cucumber in my cold water bottle, or chopped strawberries, peaches, etc. I can't stand flavored bottled water because of the sugar, so I make my own
  5. Great! Thanks for much for your suggestions!
  6. I love veggies, and recently I've been making a lot of broccoli.

    I just wash it and cut it in "strips" quartered down the stalk and then put it in a iron casserole dish, drizzle with olive oil, add salt and some pepper then bake on 350 or even 400 until it looks "carmalized"

    It's the best!!

    I do the same with zucchini but cut in thick slices lengthwise.
    Other veggies I stirfry a lot, onion, celery, carrots, mushrooms, then add frozen veggies like flat green beans, green fava beans, sprouts..etc.

    veggie soups are a great idea, when I have too many veggies I just chop them up and make soup! It's so versatile and "customized" and this is what I love about it. Start with a tomato base by adding the oil to a hot pot then tomato sauce and "Carmalizing" it, I find this adds a lovely flavour opposed to the "Raw" tomato paste/strained tomato/whole tomato can (if it's not an already prepared sauce) flavour.

    Spinach is also really great, even just sauteeing the baby leaves or making salad (yum, try strawberries or pomegranate, or even tangerine with a nice "light" oil dressing)
  7. Roasted veggies in pitta bread is delish!
  8. invest in a steamer.
    i have one where you can pile several steam containers on top of each other and has a timer so you can start with the veggies that take the longest on bottom and just add the rest that take less time on top. and you can also steam fish in it.
    you can eat them hot, drizzle with virgin olive oil and add add a bit of salt and cracked pepper.
    or cold or warm and tossed with a home-made vinaigrette.

    i also make a lot of salads. it's a bit more expensive but so much easier to buy the pre-washed stuff in a bag. saves you the hassle of doing it yourself.

    or heat up a little olive oil in a non-stick pan, add a bit of onion and garlic, and add sliced zucchini, fresh mushrooms, bell peppers, diced tomato and make a kind of quick ratatouille.

    i also love zucchini and soy sprouts made in a wok with soy sauce and a tiny bit of butter.
  9. Stirfries are great, I do them all the time.

    Easiest way to make many vegetables is to grill, saute or roast.

    You can grill almost any vegetable. I like to grill bell peppers and asparagus whole. Eggplant and zucchinis I slice thick and toss in a little oil and toss on some spices, often just salt and pepper.

    Sauteeing is simple and easy. Favorites are spinach, green beans, snap peas, zucchini, mushrooms. If you like grilled onions, start sauteeing chopped onions first in oil on med-low for about 15 minutes, then add the veggies later. I always add minced garlic when I saute, generally when I put the veggies in the pan. Adding a pat of butter will give everything a nice flavor. :tup: Green beans are great sauteed with sliced bacon.

    Roasting is so easy, and doesn't need much babysitting. I love roasted green beans and roasted cauliflower (pretty much the only way I will eat it). Pretty much you just trim the beans or cauliflower, toss in olive oil, and I love to add whole, unpeeled garlic cloves. Salt and pepper as usual. Roast on a shallow pan (line with foil or parchment to make cleanup easy). Roast as high as you can, about 450 (don't roast parchment paper higher than this). Takes about 25 minutes (check every ten minutes, flip over about half way through). Carrots, parsnips are terrific this way too.
  10. Do a stir fry! Mixed chicken with a blend of veggies.
  11. I love veggies.

    Veggies and dip is always great. Easy and quick. Also Stir fry like many has added.

    I also eat a lot of pasta. I put in pea's, broccoli, spinach, carrot, real tomatoes, mushrooms, red peppers in my pasta's.

    Also if you bbq a lot just grill a bunch of veggies. Zucchini, mushrooms, and peppers are good.

    Sated veggies on rise is good too.

    I agree with veggie soups too. But when you can't get in all the veggies maybe consider v8 drinks? I don't drink them because I can eat enough veggies for a family of 4 but you know...

    And the last but not least, TACO SALAD. I love Mexican food and it always gives me reasons to pile on the lettues, tomatoes, carrots, peppers, everything!
  12. blend it using juicer..
    my mom usually makes veggies + fruit juice..
    for example:
    two tomatoes + half stick of carrot + one apples are very delicious plus 3/4 glass of water and blend it.. (if u like celeries, u can add like 1-2 sticks of celeries)
    i think it's a way to enjoy yummy/easy and fast way to consume veggies.
  13. I'm inspired!

    I've gotten so many ideas from you all!

    I'm going grocery shopping while my banana cake bakes.


    Thanks everyone!
  14. I absolutely love salads. I like Filipino dishes as well because they usually involve lots of potatoes, cabbage, and/or spinach.

    I also love choy sum with oyster sauce.
  15. I love to throw zucchini, onion, mushrooms in a pyrex with olive oil, salt, pepper, and italian seasoning in a 425-450 degree oven for 20 min. or so...super easy, just chop and throw in the oven! Carmalizes the veggies, too so that they are sweet. I also do this with sweet potatoes sans the italian seasoning.