HELP! YSL wallet on chain or Chanel wallet on chain?

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  1. Have you tried American site? Saks and Neiman Marcus have this bag in lipstick red on their site but I'm not sure they ship to where you are but you can always check!
  2. Thank you! It's acting so oddly, I try to log in and an error message appears claiming I don't have an account with that email address, so I tried to register again and it said I already have an account :lol:. Will have to contact customer services.
  3. Thank you :smile:! I checked it and unfortunately because i'm in the UK it'd cost me an extra £400 in import/duties :shocked:.
    I may order it from Farfetch instead if the YSL site continues to not work.

  4. Ahh hopefully it comes back in stock soon!
  5. so upset because I just got the ysl chevron black on black and I thought it was the answer to my prayers because I was dying over the Chanel version but ysl is much cheaper and it was in caviar which I love because it's more durable. I like that you can completely remove the strap to use as s clutch. BUT The cross body style looks ridiculous on me, it's practically at my stomach. I'm only 5'3 but curvier so I was disappointed about the strap length and I can't seem to justify to keep it solely as a clutch style. Advice?!

  6. Have you tried extending the strap? If you really want to use it cross body and feel that it's too short, return it. You should go for a bag that you really love!
  7. I actually ordered the ysl in "nude" from saks and ended up returning it because it looked darker than I expected. to me it looked like a dark beige color which I didn't like. I was looking more for a cream light nude. I ended up ordering from Neiman Marcus for the Black and silver hardware combo instead.

  8. EEEK!!! This is GREAT NEWS!!! I think I'm going to order the "nude" from Saks now. I'm looking for a darker beige so this works for me. I hope you find the perfect cream light nude soon misha2mum!

  9. How can I extend the strap?

  10. You know the leather bit of the chain? You can sort of extend that bit. Hope I'm making sense!

  11. Ah yes! I think I tried that but I will triple check before I return it. Thanks!

  12. Yeah, I've tried it but it doesn't extend it too much. [emoji24]
  13. I didn't like where it hit me cross-body, BUT I've grown to love it just on my shoulder. Needless to say I decided to keep it lol.

  14. Wear it as a shoulder bag?
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