HELP! YSL wallet on chain or Chanel wallet on chain?

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  1. For me I prefer the Chanel WOC. I have the medium sized YSL WOC in black with gold hardware just only since December '16 and I've experienced peeling on the corners of my bag already and have used it only a handful of times. I've read in a few posts a few have experienced the same thing. The medium sized YSL does fit more however IMHO the quality on a Chanel woc is to die for. So glad I was able to luck up on one after being put on a wait list. It is my bag I reach for most often since I carry minimal (ysl card holder, lv cles for my keys, lipstick/balm, mirror compact, blotting tissue and fits my iPhone 7 plus)

    Also another reason I choose the Chanel woc is because of the strap length of the bag. I'm a crossbody gal and the YSL is too short on me for crossbody and I prefer the thinner chain on the Chanel woc. Overall both bags are absolutely gorgeous. If you chose the YSL I hope you don't experience the peeling / chipping on corners like some of us have :\
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  2. I have both and I prefer the saint laurent. The Chanel Woc hits me at an awkward length because the strap is ridiculously long for someone that's 5'2" [emoji23] the ysl is gorgeous
  3. Has anyone had issues with the corners peeling on the small WOC? I've only had since January and all of the corners are peeled.
  4. agree..if i really wanted to choose Chanel regardless because of the quality (although CHanel has quality issues too), or the brand, I would rather spend a little more and get a mini. I own both Chanel bags and Saint Laurent Woc and they work for different purposes.
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  5. How often have you worn it?
    Mine's in medium and so far it's held up fine. I think people tend to forget the leather on YSL woc, although isn't lambskin, it's not exactly a 'caviar' type, so it can wear..
  6. Hi this is my very first question here! may I ask how tall you are? I am tossing between the two also but I am tall so don't mind a longer chain. Thanks :smile:
  7. Hi! I'm 5'7 :smile: either choice you make I'm sure you'll be very happy with both! I hardly reach for my YSL woc (medium size) unless it's for a night out or special occasion. The strap length on the bigger size could ever pass as a crossbody for me lol. But I do know they make a smaller version of the YSL woc as well with a longer strap.
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  8. Thank you
  9. My w.o.c. is holding up well but my card holder is peeling at the corners. Both are in the same pale rose color but there is a sheen to the leather on my w.o.c. whereas my card holder looks duller. Even though these items are not lambskin, I still baby them like how I baby all of my other bags and slgs. I have used the card holder less than 10x so it is really not normal wear and tear. There is definitely something wrong with the leather. I suspect Saint Laurent have different batches of leather hence the difference in the quality of my w.o.c. and card holder. Also different people seem to have different experience on how well their bags are holding up.
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  10. Ohh that's good to know. I don't think i'll be buying Saint Laurent slgs as I'm too biased towards Chanel and LV. I suspect SLGs are smaller and hence more susceptible to rubbing against other objects..but I do agree that the experience seems to vary a lot for Saint Laurent owners!
    Can I ask how often have you been using your woc?
  11. No peeling on either of my YSL bags. I gave the large monogram (they're calling it The Kate on their website?) and large/medium WOC. No corners peeling and I've have the WOC since 2014 and the large monogram 2015. Mine are both the shiny pebbled leather!
  12. [​IMG]

    This is my woc from 2015. No peeling or any other problems.
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    I just checked my new medium chevron woc for the serial number, and it's located in front of the middle zipped compartment, but someone mentioned in this thread that it's located behind the middle compartment... could anyone with a newer bag please check and let me know where it's located?
  14. HOLY crap that took me 30 minutes to find the serial number in mine. Thank you for your post - I recently bought mine at the SF YSL boutique and I thought I was losing my mind about it not having a serial number. Were you actually able to make out all of the numbers in your bag? I can barely see the serial numbers in mine and it almost looks like the numbers are backwards/mirrored :oh:
  15. If you're looking at the bag from the front, the serial number is on the back of the zippered compartment (my Chevron WOC was purchased Aug 2017).
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